Nick Ring’s Ultimate Fighter Blog: Episode Six

May I Offer Anybody A Temper Tantrum?

Calm down Chuck, you are waaaaay out of line. Chuck acts like he has never lost anything in his life. He looked pretty stupid stomping around like a child and if I were him I would be pretty embarrassed if people saw me throw a fit like that.

Yager Tools Chuck

I thought it was pretty hilarious to watch Chuck argue with Yager about what the outcome of what the fight should be. I thought it made Chuck look pretty silly to argue and lose his composure and try to make a point with Yager who is probably just arguing because it is fun to argue. Yager is very skilled at arguing and he has the ability to make anyone look stupid – on this particular day, that person is Chuck.

One more thing I should mention while I am bashing Chuck. Chuck is a world champion and one of the coaches on the show. He is in a high status position in this situation by default, and he should act like it. Watching him try to prove himself to Yager was extremely funny because he shouldn’t have to prove anything to Yager in the first place. By arguing with Yager, Chuck effectively lowered his own status and raised Yager’s without even realizing it. What makes that even worse is the fact that he was losing the argument. Yager tooled him.

Good job Chuck – go sit down.

Yager Is Finally Cool

I am going to give a shout out to Yager for sticking up for me against Chuck – that was the coolest thing you’ve done all season.

The air-horn was the second coolest thing you did, and calling me a bitch in training was the most un-cool thing you ever did. Two cool things minus one un-cool thing equals adequate in my book. Remember — I didn’t say we are boys yet, but you are alright.

Chuck And Dana – What Is Going On?

During Chuck’s little hissy fit I also noticed that he was holding Dana personally responsible for the decision. That really made me wonder what his deal was with Dana. Why was he so expectant of Dana to do something when it should have been so clear cut and not involved Dana?

It looked like to me from watching him “mad dog” Dana that he was pretty used to getting his way with him. Chuck was looking at Dana as if he wanted to punch him. He was looking at Dana as if he had let him down or broken his word. It was really immature on Chuck’s part because it was like Chuck just expects any fight that goes to a decision to automatically go to his fighter.

You want to see some bullshit? Watch next weeks episode.

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