Nick Diaz Wants To Fight Georges St. Pierre Or Anderson Silva

Nick Diaz

Strikeforce Champion Nick Diaz

Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz wants to fight Georges St. Pierre or Anderson Silva.

Nick Diaz is scheduled to defend his Strikeforce welterweight crown against Evangelista Santos Jan. 29 in San Jose, Calif., but that didn’t stop him from calling out UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre on a media conference call Thursday promoting “Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg.”

“I want to fight Georges St. Pierre,” said Diaz.

Diaz’ Cesar Gracie teammate Jake Shields takes on St. Pierre at UFC 129 on April 30 at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

“I think my partner (Jake Shields) is going to take him out to be honest, coming up,” added the Strikeforce champion.

“I got here and started fighting before most of them, including Georges St. Pierre, in the UFC. I was really mad at first that they were getting fights and recognition when I was here first,” said Diaz when asked how he stacks up against other top ranked welterweights.

“I thought it was first come, first serve. I was working harder and I was here first,” added Diaz. “I cornered a guy to fight Josh Koscheck, probably had like two fights in his life, and they (expletive) worked it, like, he was set up to fight Josh Koscheck.”

“That’s what I’m saying, they made easy fights for those guys. Those guys got six or seven fights, all easy guys. I never fought anybody like that guy that I had brought to fight against Koscheck.”

“I never had fights like that,” continued Diaz. “So when you bring up guys like that to me and tell me the best in the world, it’s a (expletive) joke. That’s a joke to me.”

Before his career is over, Diaz would like to fight the top ranked welterweight and middleweight in the world.

“I want to fight Anderson Silva or Georges St. Pierre,” said the Cesar Gracie trained fighter.

Questioned why he calls out St. Pierre, Diaz responded, “Straight up, people think this guy is better than me, and it’s bull (expletive). “He just fought Josh Koscheck for five (expletive) rounds. I just told you about Josh Koscheck. Why am I not getting the fight?”

Diaz and St. Pierre compete for two separate organizations and will likely never fight unless they’re eventually under the same umbrella, but Diaz insists the fight can happen.

“I think there’s enough money involved where they can organize that sort of thing.”

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