Georges St. Pierre And Jake Shields Chime In On Pound For Pound Rankings

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Georges St. Pierre and Jake Shields Chime In On Pound For Pound Rankings

The pound for pound debate rages on in MMA forums and within the media, although Anderson Silva is widely accepted as the top of the food chain.

UFC 129 main event fighters Georges St. Pierre and Jake Shields have differing opinions on who is the best pound for pound fighter in the world.

“I hate doing pound for pound rankings because it’s almost impossible to do, but if I absolutely got forced into doing it I’d put GSP right now because he’s been so dominant with not having lost a round or anything in his last fights,” said Shields during a special UFC 129 press conference in Toronto.

“The pound for pound, it’s hard to say,” said St. Pierre. “You have to look at the guy’s credentials and everything. It’s something, the pound for pound, it’s really only on paper, but right now I’d put Anderson Silva… and Jose Aldo is probably considered the two best pound for pound right now in the world.”

The HeavyMMA Pound for Pound rankings put Anderson Silva at the top and St. Pierre a close second.

Following Silva’s UFC 126 knockout of Vitor Belfort, UFC president Dana White said there’s no question Silva is the best fighter in the world.

“The (expletive) guy has never lost since he’s been in the UFC. You know how impossible that is to do? It’s impossible, “ said White. “He’s the pound for pound the best fighter in the world, and I don’t know how anybody can debate that.”

St. Pierre and Shields headline UFC 129 that takes place on April 30 at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

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