The Ultimate Fighter 14: Episode 2 Recap & Review

Marcus Brimmage (145) vs. Bryan Caraway (145)

Dana says it was a ballsy move to pick Brimmage as an opponent, as his standup his nasty.

Team Bisping does a military cadence-style chant about the fight. This was entertaining, but Caraway takes it personally. Mayhem says it was the cutest little show tune he’s ever heard.

Bisping is forced to bash his door in to get into the locker room. He says his team will get revenge. It’s going to be a long season if you’re not a fan of hijinks.

Brimmage does a talking head interview and then FARTS in the middle of a sentence. He nonchalantly concludes his interview with “I just farted.” This was pretty funny. And gross. He says he’s a striker, that people like to see ass-whippin’s and he’s here to hand out ass-whippin’s.

I hate to point this out, but Marcus sounds like Cleveland from Family Guy.


Round 1: Caraway smartly gets the fight to the ground early, and then spends most of the rest of the round working for a rear-naked choke. He doesn’t get it, however, and he’s pretty tired by the end. scores the round 10-9 for Bryan Caraway.

Round 2: Caraway’s exhausted, and Brimmage is able to finally start landing some strikes. Caraway guts it out, however, and gets a takedown midway through the round. He works his way to the back, where he finally secures a fight-ending rear-naked choke. Gutsy performance from Caraway in battling to get the takedown when he was tired and losing the round. He could have been in plenty of trouble standing, but fought through it and won the fight. Bryan Caraway d. Marcus Brimmage via submission (rear naked choke, round 2)

Mayhem says that Caraway’s win sets the tone for all of the guys on his team because Caraway is his “nervous Nellie.”