UFC 139: Shogun vs. Henderson Live Blog & Results

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua

Live results, analysis and blog for UFC 139: Shogun vs. Hendo

SAN JOSE, Calif. – HeavyMMA is reporting live from the HP Pavilion for tonight’s UFC 139: Shogun vs. Hendo fight card.

We’ll have complete preliminary results and analysis from the entire card, from the Facebook-streamed preliminary fights all the way to the main event between Shogun Rua and Dan Henderson.

DANNY CASTILLO vs. SHAMAR BAILEY: Castillo uses a significant wrestling advantage over Bailey to toss him around the cage, ultimately slamming him to the canvas. He moved quickly into the full mount and maintained that for much of the rest of the round, eventually pounding his way to a doctor’s stoppage at 4:52 of the first round. Afterwards, Castillo said Bailey’s wrestling wasn’t as good as his own and that he felt disrespected by Bailey coming in two pounds overweight. Danny Castillo d. Shamar Bailey via TKO, round 1 (4:52)

SETH BACZYNSKI vs. MATT BROWN: Brown, a savvy veteran of the fight game, controlled much of the first round. The second round was brief, however, and it did not end well for Brown, as Baczynski worked for a guillotine choke and finally got it after trying several different variations. This is Brown’s 4th submission loss in his last five fights. Seth Baczynski d. Matt Brown via submission, round 2

MIGUEL TORRES vs. NICK PACE: Pace stood toe to toe with Torres in the first round, but it was the former WEC bantamweight champion getting the better of the exchanges, using his length and sizable reach advantage to keep Pace at bay. The second round was more of the same until Pace secured a takedown midway through. Torres worked far harder from his back than Pace did from the top, but we’ve all seen how far that takes you when it comes to MMA judging. Torres maintained control in the third, using a clinch against the cage and effectively drilling Pace with knees and elbows. It wasn’t the blow away win Torres wanted, but it was certainly a dominant one. Miguel Torres d. Nick Pace via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

CHRIS WEIDMAN vs. TOM LAWLOR: Weidman, a fast-rising prospect, was quick to work the final Facebook preliminary fight to the ground. Once there, Lawlor attempted to scramble several times, but it would be his undoing. Weidman grabbed hold of a D’arce choke, and Lawlor, electing not to tap, was choked unconscious, giving Weidman his third victory in the UFC. Chris Weidman d. Tom Lawlor via technical submission, round 1 (2:07)

ALEX SOTO vs. MICHAEL MCDONALD: McDonald and Soto went toe to toe from the very start of the first contest to broadcast live on Spike TV, but Soto, who mostly threw kicks, could not hold his own against the striking of his opponent. McDonald landed a big shot that dropped Soto, who battled back to the feet, only to get dropped a second time. Down against the cage, Soto was blasted by McDonald before the referee stepped in to stop the fight. McDonald d. Soto via knockout, Round 1 (0:56)

RYAN BADER vs. JASON BRILZ: The two light heavyweights seemed hesitant early, attempting to find the distance in the striking game. Neither fighter was able to land anything significant, until Bader glanced Brilz with a right hand. Brilz crumbled to the floor, and the referee immediately stepped in to stop the contest. Ryan Bader d. Jason Brilz via knockout, Round 1 (1:17)


Round 1 – Bonnar attempts to catch a kick early, but fails. Kingsbury works to the body, then land a left before clinching. He has Bonnar against the cage. Knee from Bonnar. Kingsbury answers with knees of his own. They separate. Kingsbury catches a shot below the belt, and action is temporarily halted. The fight resumes. Kingsbury lands a right, as Bonnar misses with a combination. They clinch in the middle of the cage, but Kingsbury elects to press Bonnar up against the fence. The fans aren’t enjoying the clinch battle. Bonnar tries to toss, but Kingsbury is quickly back up, throwing bombs. Bonnar answers with a hook, followed by a knee. Leg kick from Bonnar, and Kingsbury immediately goes back to the clinch. Bonnar looking for a takedown up against the cage. He lets it go and they separate. Bonnar presses forward with a flurry before clinching again. He wants the takedown badly, but is struggling. He gets it now and quickly moves to side control. Kingsbury attempts to roll out, but he is unsuccessful. 30 seconds remaining in the fight. Bonnar moves to full mount and is pounding away. 10 seconds left, and Kingsbury gives up his back. The round comes to an end. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Bonnar.

Round 2 – Fights trade early, and Bonnar has his head kick blocked. Bonnar grabs a hold of his opponent and moves to the back. He has the takedown and is in half guard, looking for a kimura. Side control for Bonnar, who is looking for the mounted crucifix now. Kingsbury tries to roll out, but can’t. North-South position for Bonnar now, but he quickly moves back to side control. Bonnar is controlling Kingsbury, while landing strikes as well. Under two minutes remaining, and Bonnar is still in control here. He nearly gets the crucifix, but Kingsbury pulls his arm out. Bonnar looking to mount and is holding on to a guillotine. Kingsbury is out and recovers, forcing Bonnar to half guard. 30 seconds remain in the round. Bonnar looking for an arm triangle, but lets it go. He throws down shots as the round comes to an end. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Bonnar.

Round 3 – Bonnar catches a kick and immediately takes Kingsbury’s back. He has him down, but Kingsbury stands back up briefly before being dragged down again. Half guard for Bonnar with four minutes to work. Bonnar moves to north-south position again, looking for a choke. Side control now for Bonnar, but he has not inflicted any damage this round. He is looking for a kimura. Kingsbury rolls, and Bonnar is looking for a mounted crucifix again. Punches from Bonnar. Kingsbury tries to scramble again, but he is trapped here. 90 seconds remain. Elbows from Bonnar to the body. Bonnar looking for another choke, but time is running out. Bonnar steps over Kingsbury’s head and is looking for a kimura. He decides to simply strike to the end of the fight, unable to earn the stoppage, but earning a dominant win nevertheless. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9.

Official Decision: Stephan Bonnar d. Kyle Kingsbury via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-25, 30-27)


Round 1 – Story lunges forward, landing big shots to the body. Story presses forward again and is throwing everything he has into these punches. He dazes Kampmann momentarily, and is looking for a takedown now. They separate, and Story lands a right. Head kick blocked by Story. He lands a vicious right hook. Shot to the body, then to the head. Left lands for him, followed by more body shots. Kampmann can’t get anything going. Midway through the round. They are exchanging, but neither can seem to land anything significant. Left comes up short for Story, and blood is running on both fighters’ faces. They clinch against the cage, but only briefly. They are exchanging now, as each are landing here and there. Round comes to an end. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9  for Story.

Round 2 – The welterweights meet in the center to start the second frame, both seeming much more hesitant than before. Kampmann looking to counter, as Story lands a right hook. Kampmann with a nice combination, and Story lands a hook to the body. Kampmann is gaining confidence. Head kick glances off Story’s head. Kampmann is outlanding Story now, having found his range. Story lands a vicious hook, but Kampmann shakes his head. Another one-two combo lands for Story. Kicks from Kampmann are blocked. Kampmann with a takedown attempt, and he has it. He may be looking for an arm triangle, but Story is defending well. Under 90 seconds remain in the round. Grappling battle going on here, as Kampmann is not throwing strikes. 20 seconds to go in the round. Story hangs on until the end of the round. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Kampmann.

Round 3 – Story comes out strong early, pressing Kampmann against the cage and landing a huge hook to the body. Kampmann pressing Story against the cage now. He has the takedown, but Story is back up. Kampmann has the back and is looking to lock in hooks. Story rolls out of it, and they separate. Story with shots to the body, followed by a right to the head. Kampmann is looking for another takedown, but fails with a trip. He has Story against the cage and is working towards his back. Two minutes left in the fight. Kampmann takes the back, and Story is attempting to roll out.  He is out, but Kampmann continues to press him against the cage. The clinch battle moves to the center of the Octagon and separate. Story with a takedown, but Kampmann is back up and drags Story to the ground. He is working for the back now. He has the hooks in. 20 seconds remain in the round. He is looking for the choke, but the bell comes first. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Kampmann.

Official Decision: Martin Kampmann d. Rick Story via split-decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)


Round 1 – Faber presses forward early, while Bowles attempted to pick his shots, content to counter at this point. 30 seconds in and no one has landed anything significant. Leg kick from Faber, but Bowles lands a right hand. Faber dodges a punch and throws a quick combination. Left hook lands for the former WEC featherweight champion, and Bowles seems to be having difficulties finding his range. Left hook lands for Faber, but he takes a kick. Faber with a combination against the cage, and Bowles can’t answer it. Jab lands for Bowles. Faber throws a nice left hook. Nice right to the body for Bowles. Faber presses Bowles against the cage, but the former WEC bantamweight champion separates with a punch. Nice slam from Faber to get the fight down to the ground. Closed guard for Bowles, who is looking to wall walk. 30 seconds remain in the round. Faber postures up and stands, looking to throw down. Bowles lands a solid upkick. Round comes to a close with Faber on top. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Faber.

Round 2 – Bowles lunges forward, looking to land, but he misses. Faber with a vicious uppercut, followed by a knee, and Bowles is on the ground. Bowles is trying to stand, but he is in big trouble. He is surviving, but Faber is unloading on him. Guillotine attempt from Faber. It is deep, and Bowles taps out. Incredible round from Faber, who earns another shot at the UFC bantamweight title.

Official Decision: Urijah Faber d. Brian Bowles via submission, Round 2 (1:27)


Round 1 – Le immediately looking to kick, which should come as no surprise. Silva backing up, and Le explodes with a combination. Silva lands a nice combination, too. He lands again, and Le stumbles backwards. Silva is being very patient here. Silva gets hit with a spinning back fist, but recovers. Le lands a nice punch. Another spinning back fist lands for Le, who misses with a wheel kick. Silva is hurt, and Le misses with a spinning-back-kick. The fighters exchange leg kicks. Side kick lands for Le. Spinning back kick misses for Le. Silva with a nice shot. He seems fully recovered. He takes another kick, and misses with a combination. Le is bleeding, but lands a nice shot. He misses with a kick and a spinning back fist. Silva with a head kick and is pressing forward. Le with a side kick. Silva with a hook. He is rushing Le with 10 seconds remaining. Le has slowed tremendously, and the round comes to an end. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Le.

Round 2 – Silva misses with a big hook and trips to the floor. He is back up now and eats a side kick to the body. Spinning back kick misses for Le. Body kick lands for Silva. Le catches him with a hook, but Silva landed as well. Body kick lands for Le, who then misses with an axe kick. Silva lands a nice punch that sends Le’s head back. Body shot lands for Le. Wheel kick blocked by Silva. Le is breathing heavy. Silva with a nice right hand, followed by another. Le with a side kick to the body. Kicks land for Silva, but his next combination is blocked. Silva pressing forward again, landing a nice flurry. 90 seconds remain in this close second round. Silva rushes forward again with strikes. He is landing heavy here. Head kick from Silva. Le drops to the floor. Silva is pouring it on. Big knee from Silva, and Le shoots for a takedown. Le is getting getting pounded here. The fight is over. Incredible win for Silva. Vicious.

Official Decision: Silva d. Le via technical knockout, Round 2 (4:49)


Round 1 – Touch of gloves to start the main event of the evening. Leg kick lands for Rua. He misses with a right hand, but lands a nice shot to the body. “Shogun” with the takedown, but Henderson locks on a guillotine. Rua escapes, and Henderson lands several vicious shots. Rua is bloodied up. Henderson lands again, and Rua is looking for a takedown. He presses Henderson against the cage. Henderson with double underhooks and he tosses Rua to the floor. “Shogun” is back up. Knee from Rua lands. Left hand from Henderson. Leg kick from Rua, who is looking for another takedown. Henderson avoids it and comes up short on a vicious right. Under two minutes remaining in the round. Rua lands flush on Henderson, who drops to the floor. Henderson grabs a single and works his way back up, landing a nice right hand. “Shogun” lands an uppercut. He presses Henderson against the cage with 30 seconds remaining. Knees from Rua, but Henderson answers. The exciting round comes to a close. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Henderson.

Round 2 – “Shogun” leads in with a jab. Henderson still has his right hand cocked, per the usual. Henderson looks for a takedown, but Rua reverses and presses his opponent against the cage. Rua separates. Kick from Henderson. He lands a vicious right hand, but Rua seems fine. Rua with another uppercut. He lands a nice combination. Rua rushes forward, clinching against the cage. Shots to the body land for Henderson, who presses “Shogun” against the cage now. Double underhooks for the former Strikeforce champion. Action has slowed tremendously. Right hand to the body lands for Henderson, but the referee separates them. Henderson looks at the clock with 30 seconds remaining. The two trade big shots, each landing. Round comes to a close with little action during the final 10 seconds. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Rua.

Round 3 – The referee says this is the last round, but Henderson is quick to correct him. Third of five rounds begins. Henderson lands a nice uppercut and blocks a head kick from Rua. He lands a nice uppercut, but takes a kick to the body. Takedown attempt from Henderson, but Rua is right back up. Jab lands for Rua, followed shortly after by an uppercut. Henderson lands his signature right hand and floors Rua. He is pounding away, but “Shogun” is defending. Henderson on top, and Rua is bleeding badly. “Shogun” goes for a leg. He is looking for a submission. Henderson is out, and Rua clinches. “Shogun” looking for the takedown, but Henderson defends nicely. One minute remaining in the round. Elbows from Henderson, but Rua still manages to get the takedown. Henderson is back up, but gives up his back. He recovers now, and Rua presses him up against the cage again. Rua separates and lands a few nice shots, and the round comes to a close. Rua’s face is a mess. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Henderson.

Round 4 – Rua immediately shoots for a takedown and he gets it. Henderson is back up for a moment, but is down once again. Henderson reverses and takes Rua’s back. He grabs an inverted crucifix, but Rua escapes. They are back up now. Rua landing, but Henderson gets the takedown. He is in side control. Nifty work from Henderson there. Henderson looking for a choke, but Rua escapes. Henderson in guard now. He stands up and nails Rua with a vicious right hand. Rua is back up, but falls back down. He is up again. Past the midpoint of the round. Rua lands, while Henderson misses with a couple shots. The pace has slowed, but these guys are tired. Rua lands a big uppercut, and Henderson is wobbly. Henderson with the takedown attempt, but Rua avoids, landing another nice combination. Henderson is exhausted, as he eats several more shots. Takedown from Rua, who immediately gains full mount. He moves to the back, and Henderson reverses. 10 seconds remaining in the fight. Henderson lands one punch as the round ends. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Rua.

Round 5 – Rua with a takedown to start the round, but Henderson is up against the cage. “Shogun” in side control, but moves to the mount. He is throwing down on Henderson, but doesn’t have much behind his punches. High mount. Henderson attempts to push off the wall, but he can’t escape. He does, however, force Rua back to half guard. Back to full mount. Henderson gives up his back, trying to escape, but “Shogun” is still on top. Back to mount. “Shogun” throwing from the top. Henderson moves back to half guard, but Rua is back in mount almost immediately. 90 seconds remaining in the round. Henderson is surviving, but still getting beat up. He gets half guard again. 30 seconds remaining in the round, and Rua moves back to full mount. 10 seconds, and “Shogun” is looking to do some damage. Henderson rolls and survives. Incredible fight. Heavy.com scores the round 10-8 for Rua.

Official Decision: Henderson d. Rua via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)