Cruise Ship Staffer Drops Sexual Suit vs. John Travolta

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Actor John Travolta has dodged a bullet as the former Royal Caribbean cruise ship staffer accusing him of sexual assault has dropped the case.

The lawsuit was dropped three days after the Pulp Fiction star was denied a request for private arbitration, meaning he would’ve faced a public trial.

The Daily News reported that the charge by staffer Fabian Zanzi was filed last June after he accused John Travolta of being physical with him on the boat in 2009.

Zanzi claimed Travolta exposed himself after Zanzi delivered room service. Travolta, who is plagued by rumors of homosexuality, has refuted Zanzi’s claims.

Fabian Zanzi

Travolta was denied private arbitration last Friday after the court ruled there was no cause to keep the trial from going public. Travolta’s attorney told TMZ that the charge was a “ludicrous” attempt to grab “15 minutes of fame.”

The Chilean-born cruise-ship worker made headlines last May when he alleged Travolta’s request for a neck massage turned into an open-robed hug starring Travolta’s erect penis.

The court officially dropped the case after both parties signed the paperwork dismissing the suit. The action included a condition that Zanzi shall not reopen the case.