Kangaroo Rescued From Top of Parking Garage in Australia [VIDEO]

A kangaroo managed to get itself stuck when it hopped its way to the top of a Doncaster Shopping Centre parking garage in Melbourne, Australia on Thursday, The Telegraph reports.

The little guy was discovered on the top level of the parking garage, frozen in fear on the ledge 164 feet above ground. The kangaroo was on the ledge for more than two hours before rescuers got to him. It was feared that the marsupial would panic and jump to its death.

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“When they are really scared, they will just react to get away from the danger and not realize they’re putting themselves at even greater risk,” animal rescuer Manfred Zabinskas said.

The kangaroo finally hopped off the ledge where rescuers tranquilized it so they could safely remove the animal from the building.

A spokesperson for Wildlife Victoria, Amy Amato, said as urban development expands, they are seeing more and more cases of kangaroos getting pushed out of their natural habitats.

“We’re seeing a lot of cases of kangaroos and wallabies coming into urban areas,” Amato said. “They just get pushed out of their own territory by development that goes on. They just don’t have anywhere else to go but out on the roads.”

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