Jose Canseco Rape Charge: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Former MLB star Jose Canseco, 48, has sensationally tweeted in a series of since-deleted tweets that he has been accused of raping one Susie Bell.

Canseco, who hit 462 home runs during 16 years on eight major league teams, now plays in the United Minor League and stays in the public eye with scandals and reality TV appearances.

Here’s what you need to know about his latest drama…

1. Canseco Broke the News on Twitter

Jose Canseco Rape Charge

Rather than go through a lawyer or representative, Canseco went right to his followers. The Clark County District Attorney’s Office have said that “no charges” have been brought against Canseco, reports Buzzfeed. Now though it’s being reported that he’s a “person of interest” in a sexual assault:

KTNV in Las Vegas says that no charges have been brought against Canseco. Metro Sgt. John Sheahan told the Las Vegas Sun:

He’s being investigated for an alleged sexual assault, and that’s it.

2. According to Canseco, Bell Alleges She Was Drugged and Raped by the Former Star

Jose Canseco Rape Charge

A source told TMZ that the incident occurred on May 10.

The woman, Susie Bell, is a fitness instructor from the Las Vegas area.

Jose Canseco Rape Charge

Canseco then tweeted her phone number. called the number and left a message, which has not been returned.

jose canseco rape

According to Canseco, Bell works out at this gym:

Conversations have begun on Twitter as to whether Canseco has breached Twitter’s rules and should be banned from the sight, rules forbid the posting of:

credit card information

social security or other national identity numbers

addresses or locations that are considered and treated as private

non-public, personal phone numbers

non-public, personal email addresses

Canseco is a resident of Henderson, Nevada, about 20 miles away from the center of Las Vegas.

3. Canseco May Use a Twitter “Ghost-Writer”

Jose Canseco Rape Charge

Not to insinuate that this is some sort of joke, but Canseco is reported to have used a ghost-writer to tweet some of his most popular musings. He has around 500,000 followers on the site. In 2010 he made this strange announcement:

Oddly there have been a series of tweets running alongside Canseco’s ranting about the alleged sexual assault to do with the former Oakland player playing in charity game in Texas:

It’s also worth pointing out that if Canseco had been charged it’s unlikely he would be allowed to leave the state.

4. He Wants to Face a Polygraph to “Get the Ball Rolling”

Jose Canseco Rape Charge

A 2003 report by the National Academy of Sciences on the accuracy of polygraphs said conclusions brought about through lie detectors were, “scanty and scientifically weak.” Polygraph’s are not admissible in Federal Court because they have been “dogged with high false-positive rates.”

5. Canseco’s Life Has Been Littered With Legal Troubles

Jose Canseco Rape Charge

Canseco pictured with Pete Rose in 2010.

He was declared bankrupt in August 2012. According to

It lists less than $21,000 in assets and almost $1.7 million in liabilities, including more than $500,000 owed to the Internal Revenue Service.

Jose Canseco Rape Charge

Canseco spoke about his steroid troubles in an interview with Jim Rome:

In 2002, Jose Canseco, along with his brother Ozzie, both pleaded guilty to assault in a Miami nightclub, Jose received three years probation for the action.

Jose Canseco Rape Charge


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Vaughn Brown

dude, I know susie bell, I grew up with her. she used to babysit my sister. I can testify and tell you that she has full blown mental issues. I went to Las Vegas in 2012 and was staying at a Flamingo Bay villa and susie came over to visit me. we sat on the couch, I had a couple of beers and we were flirting, I was touching her arm and she got a phone call from one of her kids and had to split all of a sudden. So that was weird, because she told me she had a huge crush on me and wanted to play out the babysitter fantasy with me. then THAT happened, and I just kind of blew her off and didn’t think anything of it and just thought, “whoa, that was a trip”. But then I talked to her later and I asked her why she came over looking all hot and sexy and the split so quickly. I kid you not, she said to me that she thought I was going to rape her so she had to get out of there. I was like WTF??? Me, rape? What???? I’ve never abused a woman in my life, never cheated on a woman, never taken advantage of a woman. I’m the perfect gentleman so for HER to accuse ME of potentially raping her…That’s pretty much a mental issue that needs to be dealt with through deep sessions of therapy and self introspection and she should not be allowed to victimize men anymore. She was raised a prim and proper mormon girl who never drank or did anything wrong and lived a double life while she was married, hiding her celebrity status as a body builder from her family, lying to them about what she was doing…she confessed all of this to me just before she divorced her husband. The plot thickens. Man, I always thought something was wrong with her brain and now I get it. Poor woman is a narcissistic sociopath.


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