‘Hitman’ Jose Martinez Says He Killed 30 People: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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The sheriff’s office in Marion County, Florida, has issued an arrest by extradition warrant for Jose Manuel Martinez, who they believe is responsible for a double homicide in 2006.

When they found Martinez, 51, in an Alabama jail, he confessed not only to being responsible for the double homicide, but also said he had killed more than 30 other people across the country working as a hitman.

Here’s what you should know about this allegedly prolific contract killer.

1. He Was Caught by DNA on a Soda Can

inside of the victim's Nissan Titan 4 pickup, showing the soda can where the cigarrette butt was found. (Marion County Sheriff's Office, Marion County Sheriff's Office)

inside of the victim’s Nissan Titan 4 pickup, showing the soda can where the cigarrette butt was found. (Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Marion County Sheriff’s Office)

Authorities were reexamining the evidence from a cold case file dating back to 2006 in the Volusia County, Florida, double murder of construction workers Javier Huerta, 20, and Gustavo Olivares-Rivas, 28, when the DNA from a cigarette butt in a Mountain Dew can in the victim’s truck turned up a positive hit on Martinez.

2. The 2006 Slayings Were Tied to a Huge Cocaine Theft

(Via Wikipedia)

(Via Wikipedia)

Perhaps lending some credibility to Martinez’s story, detectives have said they do believe the 2006 murders were a contract job related to the theft of 10 kilos of cocaine during a home-invasion robbery.

Martinez claims he tortured Olivares-Rivas, and then tied both men up and shot them.

Although Martinez would not reveal who allegedly hired him to do the job, he told authorities:

If I didn’t do the job, someone would have. …

They hired the best.

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3. His Extradition Will Be a ‘Nightmare’

(Via Wikipedia)

(Via Wikipedia)

Authorities are asking that Martinez be extradited back to Marion County, Florida, to face charges in the 2006 double homicide, but because his case in Alabama is still pending, his extradition may cause a “logistical nightmare,” says Chief Assistant State Attorney for Florida Richard Ridgway.

4. He Was Trying to Sneak Into Mexico When He Was Arrested

Arizona-Mexico border (Getty Images)

Arizona-Mexico border (Getty Images)

Martinez was caught in Arizona running for the border trying to sneak into Mexico, reports Lakeland, Florida’s The Ledger. He was placed in a Yuma County jail when he was extradited back to Alabama in connection with the murder there.

5. Authorities Have Been Able to Confirm 11 Other Murders So Far


Authorities in Alabama along with Marion County detectives have been able to confirm 11 murder victims so far that Martinez claims to have killed. They are now working with authorities across the country trying to identify other alleged victims that Martinez claims he killed.