Michael Jackson Had No REM Sleep for 2 Months, a Human Record

Michael Jackson REM Sleep

Micheal Jackson shortly before his death. (Getty)

Michael Jackson may be the only human to ever go without REM (rapid eye movement) sleep for two months, which is necessary to receive the restful benefits from sleep. That is, according to the testimony of Dr. Charles Czeisler at the wrongful death trial of Michael Jackson. Dr. Czeisler is a Harvard Medical School sleep expert, and he serves as a sleep consultant to NASA, the CIA and the Rolling Stones.

In his testimony, Dr. Czeisler alleges that the “drug induced coma” that Jackson stayed in for help with his insomnia, would leave a person receiving the same refreshed feeling of a good sleep, but without the benefits that genuine sleep delivers in restoring brain cell and body functionality. In fact, REM sleep is so important that in a test where lab rats where given no REM sleep in five weeks, all of them died from exhaustion.

Lab rat gif

The drug that Jackson was taking, which was prescribed by Dr. Conrad Murray before he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, is called Propofol. Propofol is an intravenously injected short-lasting drug that is typically used a sedative for patients hooked up to a breathing machine and is not meant to be used to treat insomnia.

Dr. Conrad Murray

Micheal Jackson’s doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray (Getty)

According to Dr. Czeisler’s testimony, “Depriving someone of REM sleep for a long period of time makes them paranoid, anxiety-filled, depressed, unable to learn, distracted, and sloppy. … They lose their balance and appetite, while their physical reflexes get 10 times slower and their emotional responses 10 times stronger.”

These were all characteristics Jackson exhibited shortly before his death.

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