WATCH: Woman Thrown Off Cliff After Wife Catches Cheating Husband

A surveillance video in Arequipa, Peru caught the shocking moment a woman threw another woman off a cliff, reports CBS News.

According to reports, a woman caught her husband walking with a younger woman by a cliff back in January. In the video, a man and a woman are seen talking when another woman–the man’s wife–comes up to them. She starts yelling at her husband and then moves on to the younger woman where the two engage in a cat fight. The man’s wife drags the younger woman to the edge of the cliff and throws her off.

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Don’t worry, the woman didn’t die. She was only thrown down 20 feet and sustained just minor cuts and bruises.

The husband, who bolts after his wife catches him canoodling with the younger woman, later admitted to America Noticias that he had in fact been unfaithful. The younger woman, on the other hand, denied all allegations and said the man was harassing her.

Wow. Talk about Soap Opera material!

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