4 Dead as Freight Train Collides With Car in Fresno, California

Fresno four dead accident freight train crash California

(ABC 30)

Four people are dead and another person is seriously injured after a car collided with a freight train in Fresno, California, around 2 a.m. Monday morning, reports ABC 30.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Three Were Pronounced Dead at the Scene

The train was traveling around 40 mph. One man and two women were dead at the scene, two others were taken to hospital, one of them died soon after arriving. Police are hoping to interview the sole survivor soon to find out about the circumstances of the crash. It isn’t known if drugs or alcohol were involved.

2. The Train’s Engineer Didn’t Appear to do Anything Wrong

According to Jose Nunez of the California State Highway Patrol, the train followed protocols for dealing with an obstruction on the tracks, Nunez told reporters:

From what we can see and have investigated so far, all lighting equipment was active on the train. A horn was sounded prior to approaching the intersection, from there on out we’re still looking into why the collision occurred and why the vehicle decided to go across the tracks.

3. The Survivor is the Driver

The survivor is female and was the driver of the car.

4. The Crossing Didn’t Have Warning Signals

Fresno four dead accident freight train crash California

(ABC 30)

The crash occurred at a private train crossing because of this, there were no warning signals on the crossing.

5. Just a Month Ago a Man Was Killed by a Freight Train in Fresno

This is the second freight train death to occur in Fresno in a month. On July 27, a man stepped on to the tracks and was hit by a high-speed train. Despite warnings and honking by the train’s engineer the man walked out on to the tracks and faced the train, reports The Fresno Bee.

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