Cops: Hannah Anderson ‘Clearly’ Held Against Her Will (With Pet Cat)

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Police today quashed speculation that 16-year-old Hannah Anderson was a willing companion of 40-year-old James DiMaggio, asserting that she was definitely held against her will. This statement came despite the discovery that she had brought her pet cat to the campsite where she and DiMaggio were discovered by FBI rescue teams.

NBC and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department are reporting definitively that Anderson was being held against her will and was not an accomplice in the death of her mother or 8-year-old brother.

Above, watch a friend of Hannah’s testify against the possibility that Hannah went willingly with DiMaggio.

Sheriff Bill Gore said, “It’s clear from the information that we received that she was under extreme duress. She was taken out of the county, out of the state, clearly against her will.”

Even the fact that authorities felt the need to confirm that an Amber Alert victim was being held against her will is testament to some of the strange circumstances surrounding the case.

Horseback riders who encountered Hannah Anderson, James DiMaggio say pair seemed out of placeHorseback riders who spotted a 16-year-old Lakeside girl and her alleged abductor in a remote Idaho wilderness, leading to the suspect's fatal shooting by law enforcement and the girls rescue, said Sunday the girl appeared scared.2013-08-12T01:12:32.000Z

The eye-witness testimony of the four horseback riders who found DiMaggio and Anderson in the Idaho wilderness initially said that Hannah did not seem distressed or like she was being held against her will. They also said that both Hannah and DiMaggio’s brand new camping equipment made them seem out of place that deep in the woods.

Hannah Anderson amber alert

According to the Los Angeles Times, the witnesses also found it strange that Hannah had her beloved cat with her in the wilderness.

San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore also said today that Hannah was unaware of the death of her mother and brother until she was rescued on Saturday. This revelation raises even more questions of the events and timeline leading up to the abduction.

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