Navy Football Stars Accused of Rape: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Joshua Tate Eric Graham Rape, Joshua Tate Eric Graham Sexual Assault, Navy Academy football players, Naval academy football player sexual assault.

Josh Tate (Facebook)

An alcohol fueled party just off-campus, near the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland has produced a new sexual assault claim against two active Navy personell. Two former football players, Joshua Tate and Eric Graham, both 21, will face a court martial in relation to the allegation that a female midshipman was raped at the party, reports The Washington Post.

Joshua Tate Eric Graham Rape, Joshua Tate Eric Graham Sexual Assault, Navy Academy football players, Naval academy football player sexual assault.

(US Navy)

Here’s what you need to know about them:

1. The Victim Says She Was Too Drunk to Remember What Happened

At the party, in April 2012, the victim has confessed to being drunk and not remembering having sex that night. According to documents:

The next day, she said she woke up, feeling groggy, and began talking to another Navy football player who was cleaning up the house. She said she told him her back hurt and asked him to feel the knots in her back, which he agreed were large.

About 45 minutes later, the woman testified that she and the player had consensual sex, after which he suggested she get a ride back to the Academy with his friends. Entering his friends’ car, she realized it was the same one she had been in the night before, and noticed there was an open, empty condom wrapper on the floor of the car.

2. The Victim Learned of Her Assault Through Social Media

Owing to her level of intoxication, the woman claims that she learned that defendants, Tate and Graham, were bragging about having sex with her on social media sites.

She said she issued a formal complaint to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and was disciplined to being drunk. The case was then closed, the victim’s attorney, Susan Burke, told The Navy Times, that one of the accused told her not follow-up on her allegations.

3. All of the Accused are Navy Football Player

Josh Tate played every game for Navy in 2012, playing at junior linebacker. Graham, a senior safety, was not on the roster for 2013, but has played for the team, but never at Varsity level, reports The Navy Times.

4. A Third Man is Accused

Tra’ves Bush, 21, is also accused in the crime but is not facing a court martial. Bush is due to graduate this year but that has been put on hold, reports CBS Baltimore.

5. The Superintendent of the Naval Academy Ignored a Judge’s Recommendation to Set a Court Martial

A military judge who reviewed the details of the allegations against Tate and Graham, rejected the notion of a court martial, only to be overruled by the school’s superintendent, Michael Miller, reports The Washington Post.

A lawyer for Eric Graham, Ronald Harrington, told The Post, that the court-martial was being ordered because Miller is “bowing to public pressure.”

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