Former Tennessee Titans Linebacker Frank Chamberlain Dies at 35

Frank Chamberlain Brain Cancer Tumor Tennessee Titans linebacker dies dead died RIP Brain Tumor

Frank Chamberlain, the former Tennessee Titans linebacker, died at the age of 35 on November 17 after bravely battling brain cancer for a year, reports ESPN.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He’s Remembered Mostly For His Time With the Titans

Frank Chamberlain Brain Cancer Tumor Tennessee Titans linebacker dies dead died RIP Brain Tumor


Chamberlain was drafted by the Titans in 2000. He played 43 games in Tennessee before leaving 2002. He went on to play for the Bengals and Texans. In total he played 57 games in the NFL. The Tennessean reports that he was drafted the same years as fellow linebackers Keith Bulluck and Peter Sirmon.

2. He Was a Boston College Legend

He was a native of Mahwah, New Jersey. Chamberlain was college star at Boson College where he won the prestigious Scanlan Award, the highest honor a football player at BC can receive.

3. He Battled Brain Cancer For a Year

A website,, had been set up by his family to help pay for his treatment. In 2012, Chamberlain had brain surgery where doctors removed a large portion of a tumor. Since then, he had suffered seizures and dealt with impaired motor speech problems. Danielle Stephens, who was a high school friend of Frank Chamberlain, told in December 2012:

The awareness to get Frank’s story out there has been a team effort from many of Frank and Lisa’s friends and family.

4. He’s Survived by His Young Family

He is survived by his wife, Lisa, and three daughters, twins, Leah and Brooke, 3, and Michaela, 6. The family had been living together in Wyckoff, New Jersey. In late 2012, Lisa Chamberlain’s parents took care of the children while Chamberlain and his wife went to Germany to seek further treatment for his illness, reports Today the website carries this heartbreaking message:

5. One Former Teammate Tweeted a Heartbreaking Message