WATCH: Bowe Bergdahl’s Taliban Release Video

The Taliban have released a tense new video of the exchange that occurred when Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was released to the U.S. military after five years in captivity.

The video shows Taliban soldiers, stationed on the mountainsides around the drop point in Afghanistan, and two guards flanking the bald Bergdahl. The guards wave makeshift white flags as one U.S. helicopter comes in for a landing.

bowe bergdahl video, taliban video of bergdahl release

The U.S. military man shakes hands with the two guards before taking Bergdahl and rushing him back into the helicopter. The exchange — from the time the helicopter touches down until it takes off — took under two minutes. Watch it above.

At one point, with the camera zoomed in on Bergdahl, the words “Don’t Come Back to Afghanistan” appear on the screen.

bowe bergdahl release, taliban hold white flags

bergdahl in car

bowe bergdahl video, taliban bergdahl video

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