Bank of America Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Two men where shot on the 17th floor of the Bank of America building in Chicago in what ABC Chicago are reporting was an attempted murder/suicide. According to police, the gunfire broke out at 9:58 a.m. local time. The victim of the shooting has been named as Arrowstream CEO Steven LaVoie.

Here’s what we know about this developing story:

1. One Person Is Dead

Two people were shot in the attack. One victim, a 58-year-old man, is reported to have been killed after shooting himself in the head. The other victim, a 54-year-old man, was injured and has been rushed to hospital in grave condition.

2. The Shooter Worked at the Office Where the Shooting Happened

Chicago Bank of America Shooting


According to CPD Superintendent. Garry McCarthy, the shooter had just been demoted in his job on July 25. His demotion was due to downsizing. He was meeting with the CEO of the business on the morning of the shooting, during that meeting he produced a gun and opened fire. McCarthy added that the shooter was a long-term employee.

NBC Chicago, quoting an employee of Bank of America, said that visitors have to produce ID to enter the building and go upstairs.

3. The 17th Floor Is Home to ArrowStream

The shooting was originally reported to have happened at the Board of Trade across the street from the Bank of America building. The 17th floor, where the shooting happened, is home to ArrowStream, a logistics company that focuses in the fast food sector.

4. The Area Was on Lockdown

Location of 231 LaSalle Shooting

(Google Maps)

Stores and offices in the area locked their doors as a precaution in the aftermath of the shooting, reports NBC Chicago. Streets around S. LaSalle were closed down by responding officers but reopened some 45 minutes later. After the attack, those who worked in the building were told to shelter-in-place, 45 minutes later, the order was lifted. There are no metal detectors in the building.

5. The Building Is Among Chicago’s Tallest

The Bank of American Plaza in Chicago is 45 floors high. An employee of Caffe Baci in the area, told NBC Chicago:

There were people running, afraid, but we thought it was movie filming. This time it was a real situation.

The building is owned by the New York-based Berkley Properties.

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