Sandy Barbour: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sandy Barbour, the former athletic director of the University of California at Berkley, has been named as the new athletic director of the prestigious Penn State athletic program. She is the first female Athletic Director in Penn State’s history.

Here is what you need to know:

1. She Served as the Cal Athletic Director For 10 Years

Barbour was hired as the athletic director of Cal in 2004 where she had got a lot accomplished. According to SFGate, Barbour led Cal to 19 national titles and led Cal in the renovation of their stadium which cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

2. Her Tenure Was Fraught With Problems

Although she was remembered favorably, Barbour struggled with ongoing debt problems from the stadium refurbishment, as well as slipping grades amongst the schools players. A graduation report, sited by SFGate, shows that Cal’s football program had one of the worst graduation rates out of 72 major conference teams.

3. She’s the First Permanent Penn State AD Since the Sandusky Trial

Penn State Abington

On Saturday July 26, the announcement was made that Barbour would be taking the reins of the Penn State athletic program, making her the first permanent athletic director since the Jerry Sandusky trial. Barbour will be replacing the temporary AD David Joyner, who replaced Timothy Curley after he perjured himself during the Jerry Sandusky trial.

4. She’s One of 26 Major NCAA Athletic Directors

Barbour is one of only 5 female athletic directors of major NCAA conference teams. According to NBC Sports, she, along with Georgia State director Cheryl Levick, Cary Groth at Nevada, Debbie Yow at North Carolina State, and many others.

5. She Previously Considered at Duke, Northwestern, & Tulane

According to Barbour’s bio at the Cal Bears website, she served as the associate athletic director at Notre Dame from 2000 to 2002, and a senior athletics administrator from 2002 to 2004. Before that she worked at Northwestern and Tulane.