Ron Klain, Ebola Czar: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ron Klain Ebola


Ron Klain has been named as America’s new Ebola Czar. The news comes just days after two nurses who treated Thomas Eric Duncan, the man who brought the virus to America, have been diagnosed with Ebola. CNN is reporting that Klain will report to both Susan Rice in the NSA and Lisa Monaco in the White House.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Was Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff

Hunter Biden Presiden Obama


Klain’s last role within the Obama administration was as Vice President Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff, a job he did until 2011. It was a role he was used to, during Clinton’s time in the White House, Klain served as Al Gore’s chief until 1999 when he was replaced by Charles Burson.

2. Kevin Spacey Played Him in a Movie

RECOUNT Movie TrailerHere's the trailer for RECOUNT the new movie directed by Jay Roach. Premieres on HBO Films in May.2008-04-19T20:29:20.000Z

In the HBO movie, Recount, Kevin Spacey played Klain. The film dealt with his part in the controversial 2000 Presidential Election.

Ron Klain Kevin Spacey


3. America Doesn’t Have a Surgeon General

Vivek Murthy Twitter

Dr. Vivek Murthy. (Twitter)

The office of controlling outbreaks such as Ebola, falls under the remit of the surgeon general. Right now that office is filled by Rear Admiral Boris Lushniak. His bio on the surgeon general website makes it very clear that he is the “acting.”

Back in November, President Obama’s nomination for the role, Dr. Vivek Murthy, was blocked by Republicans due to Dr. Murthy’s anti-gun opinions.

4. His Wife Is an Environmental Activist

Ron Klain House Chevy Chase Maryland

Klain’s family home in on Rosemary Street in Chevy Chase, Maryland. (Google Street View)

Klain’s not the only political activist in the family. His wife, Monica Medina, is involved in environmental issues. She also serves as an assistant to the Secretary of Defense. The couple have three children, Hannah, Michael and Daniel. The family live in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Monica Medina Ron Klain

Klain’s wife, Monica Medina. (LinkedIn)

According to his wife’s LinkedIn page, Monica Medina worked in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Ron Klain Florida

Klain along with fellow Al Gore lawyer, David Boies in Florida in November 2000. (Getty)

A native of Indianapolis, he grew up in a Jewish household, according to a New York Times profile. He first attended Georgetown and later graduated from Harvard Law School. In 1985, he had the highest grade point average at the school.

5. Klain Was One of the Favorites to Become Obama’s Chief of Staff

Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel


When Rahm Emmanuel left the Obama administration, Ron Klain was one of the names bandied about as a replacement. Ultimately, Klain decided to go back to the private sector.

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