Faigy Mayer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Faigy Mayer Suicide


A tech startup CEO who struggled with depression since breaking from Hasidic Judaism jumped off of a 20-story rooftop bar to her death during happy hour on July 20. The woman was named by her friends as 30-year-old Faigy Mayer. The horrific incident occurred at the 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar during a party around 7:30 p.m.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Drinking & Partying Continued at the Bar After She Jumped

The view from 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar. (Facebook/230FIFTHRooftop)

The view from 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar. (Facebook/230FIFTHRooftop)

The New York Post reports that the patrons at the bar didn’t know the tragedy had occurred and kept partying after. Witnesses said that a section of the outdoor lounge was closed off but nothing more than that. Mayer appeared to climb over the shrubs and large windows that surround the bar before leaping to her death. One eye witness, Dale Martin, said “I was waking across the street and I saw she was falling. You can tell it was a lady. She had on shoes and a dress.” Another person told the Post that there was a large corporate party ongoing at the bar, which continued after Mayer jumped.

2. She Was Featured in a Documentary That Detailed Her Struggles Since Breaking From Hasidic Judaism

Only for God Inside HasidismWith unprecedented access, National Geographic introduces you to the passionately orthodox community of Hasidic Judaism. Some of the people who share their stories include a revered Hasidic rabbi challenging what it means to be spiritual in the modern world, a young man raised Catholic now attending a Hasidic yeshiva in Brooklyn, and a young Hasidic…2013-06-06T03:34:42Z

In 2008, she was featured in a documentary on New York City’s Hasidic Jewish community, which was made by the National Geographic. Mayer talks about how since she was 6, she showed no interest in the Hasidic lifestyle. You can watch the doc in full above; Mayer comes in at the 15:59 mark. Since leaving the community, Mayer worked for an organization that assists people who want to leave the lifestyle and helps them adjust to mainstream American life. One of her friends wrote on Facebook that Mayer had been suffering from depression.

3. She Started Her Own iOS Development Company in 2013



According to her LinkedIn page, in December 2013 Mayer started an iOs startup called Appton. She described the company like this:

Appton is a mobile and web solutions startup helping companies and users with their specific needs. As the CEO and iOS developer, I form teams which include UX designers, developers, and industry participants to serve business needs or create demand for a product.

Prior to her entrepreneurial exploits, she worked for a tech company in New York City called Meta Kreative. In addition, Mayer worked for New York’s famed Jockey Club. She graduated from John Hopkins University in 2015 and also received a master’s degree from the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. She constantly updated her Twitter feed with tech-related news.

4. Devastated Friends Are Pouring Their Hearts Out on Social Media

faigy mayer

In the caption for this photo, Mayer’s friend wrote on Facebook, “She was so happy that day. I wish I was nicer and could make her smile a wee bit longer. I can’t believe I’m mapping directions to her funeral.” (Facebook)

Mayer is being openly mourned by friends on Twitter and Facebook. One friend, pictured above, wrote on Facebook:

My heart is broken, my eyes are red and my stomach is twisted with knots of pain as the reality is sinking in. Merely a month ago she was a blooming flower. We spent all day at a festival and Faigy was in great spirits talking about developing fancy cellphone apps to help people.

We were joking in Yiddish and reminiscing about our funny and traumatic memories going back to the extreme Belze high school that we both attended. If I knew it will be the last time I’d see her [cry emoticon] Let’s not allow her memory to wilt.

5. The Bar Faced a $500 Million Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

faigy mauyer, woman jumps from rooftop bar

There is no reference to the tragedy on 230 Fifth’s Facebook page. The last update says “If you’ve never experienced our rooftop bar, here is just a small taste of what you are missing!” This is followed by a link to a panoramic view from the bar. Back in 2011, the bar attracted controversy when it was accused of racial discrimination and faced a $500 million lawsuit.

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