Carly Fiorina’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Carly Fiorina's family

Carly Fiorina has been married for 30 years and helped raise her two stepdaughters. (Getty)

Carly Fiorina and her husband, Frank, have been married for more than 30 years. She has two stepdaughters from Frank’s first marriage, one who died in 2009, and two grandchildren. She and Frank wanted to have children but it just wasn’t in the cards for them. Through all the ups and downs of their lives, they’ve stuck together.

Here’s what you need to know about Fiorina’s family.

1. Her Father Was a Judge And Her Mother Was an Artist

Joseph Sneed, Carly's dad, Carly Fiorina's father

Joseph Sneed III, a federal judge, was Carly Fiorina’s dad. (Family Handout)

Carly Fiorina (born Cara Carleton Sneed) was born in Austin, Texas to her dad, Joseph Tyree Sneed, III and her mom, Madelon Jeurgens Sneed. At the time, Joseph was a law professor and Fiorina moved around frequently growing up. Joseph was a much-revered senior judge of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco when he died in 2008, SF Gate reported. Madelon, a portrait and abstract artist, died before him in 1998. Fiorina has a brother, Joseph Sneed IV, and a sister, Clara Sneed.

2. Fiorina Was Married Before Frank for Seven Years

Carly Fiorina's first marriage

Carly Fiorina was married to Todd Bartlem for seven years before she and Frank got married. (Getty)

Fiorina’s first marriage was to Todd Bartlem and they were married for seven years, The Daily Mail reported. Bartlem has a lot of animosity from their marriage, telling the Daily Mail that Fiorina had a pathological pursuit for power and was very calculating. He said she only stayed married to him while he was useful to her, getting her through graduate school. Bartlem said that Fiorina had an affair on him with Frank, but she has said that they were already divorced before she and Frank began dating. Fiorina and Bartlem haven’t had any contact since their divorce was finalized in 1984. He has also remarried since then.

3. She And Frank Have Been Married for More Than 30 Years

Frank Fiorina, Carly Fiorina's husband

Frank has been Carly Fiorina’s biggest supporter for more than 30 years. (Getty)

Carly and Frank Fiorina met when they both worked at AT&T. On their third date, Frank said that he could see Carly running the entire company someday, Bustle reported. They were married in 1985 at a friend’s house in a small ceremony attended by six people. When Frank was 48, he retired from his job as vice president of AT&T to raise his daughters and support Carly’s career. He even served as her bodyguard for a time.

4. She Has Two Stepdaughters, One Who Died in 2009

Carly Fiorina's daughters

Tracy Fiorina Tribby is Carly’s stepdaughter — Frank’s daughter from his first marriage. Carly Fiorina helped raise Tracy and Frank’s other daughter, Lori, who died in 2009. (Facebook/Tracy Tribby)

Frank has two daughters from his first marriage, Tracy and Lori Ann, whom Carly considers her own children. Tracy Fiorina Tribby is happily married with two daughters of her own and living in Virginia, according to Facebook.

Lori Ann had a long struggle with drug addiction and alcoholism before finally succumbing to it in 2009 at the age of 35. She said in one of her books that they had tried desperately to let her doctors know the depths of Lori’s illness before she died, National Review reported. Lori wouldn’t share much with Frank or Carly in the last months of her life and even moved all the way to New Jersey, rather than moving closer like they asked her to do.

5. She and Frank Wanted Children of Their Own But It Didn’t Work Out

Frank Fiorina's children

Carly and Frank Fiorina are pictured here in 2010 with Frank’s two granddaughters, Kara and Morgan. (Getty)

Fiorina has said that she and Frank wanted children of their own after they got married. However, “That wasn’t God’s plan,” she has said in her book, Tough Choices. She was glad for the chance to help raise Frank’s daughters.

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