How to Watch WTF Space Object Fall to Earth on Friday the 13th


The WT1190F space object is falling to Earth on November 13. (Getty)

A mysterious space object labeled WT1190F is falling to Earth early in the morning on Friday, November 13. Most astronomers think the object is an old piece of space junk, but conspiracy theorists think it’s something more. No one knows for certain what the object is, but it will be falling to the Earth around 1:19 p.m. Central time on Friday the 13th, reported.

You can watch a free livestream as the object hurtles to Earth on here. Slooh astronomers will host the livestream and offer commentary that starts at 7:00 am Central time and runs until the object hits the Earth in the afternoon.

The mysterious object is predicted to be space junk, possibly a remnant from an Apollo mission. It’s seven feet long and, due to its orbit, has been determined to be artificial in nature. The object will be impacting the Earth about 65 km off the southern coast of Sri Lanka. It’s not expected to be dangerous, but the area around its predicted impact has been labeled a no-fly zone for November 12 and 13. Boats are also prohibited in the area, Daily News reported.

Read more about the mysterious object here:

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