When Is the Next Powerball Drawing?

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Now that no one has won the $900 million Powerball, how long do you have to buy tickets for the $1.3 billion one? (Getty)

Hard as it is to believe, no one won the jackpot in Saturday’s Powerball drawing. That means that next week’s is likely going to be at least $1.3 billion. (Despite no one winning the jackpot, two states had $2 million power play winners and 14 states had $1 million Match 5 winners.) The winning numbers were 16 – 19 – 32 – 34 – 57 and PowerBall 13.

So how long do you have to buy a ticket (or ten) before the next drawing?

The next drawing is going to take place on Wednesday night, January 13. To win, you must get all six numbers correct. The first five can be in any order, but the last one must match the Powerball number.

That means you have until Wednesday night to get your ticket. Each ticket costs $2. You can typically buy a ticket at almost any convenience store/gas station or grocery store.

In most states, sales close an hour before the drawing, which takes place at 10 pm Central time. However, some states may cut off sales sooner than that, so ask your state lottery office for a specific time. Powerball tickets are sold in 44 states, as well as Washington, D.C., the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

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