Didcot Power Station Explosion: The Videos You Need to See

A huge explosion at the Didcot Power Station in Oxfordshire, England, has been declared a “major incident” with casualties, BBC reported. Parts of the power plant were scheduled for demolition, but it’s unclear if the explosion was in that same area. News about the explosion is still developing. The video posted above shows the aftermath of the explosion.

According to ITV, at least one person died and there may be more casualties. People who were nearby reported the explosion as a big collapse with loads of dust and half of a building missing in the aftermath.

In this video below, you can see parts of the power station that are completely demolished. The explosion appears to have happened at Didcot A, a former coal-powered station that was closed in 2013, The Scotsman reported.

This video, taken by Blaine Morris-Smith, shows the explosion from a distance, right after it happened. A person who lives nearby told Oxford Mail that he heard an “almighty rumble,” looked outside, and saw a massive dust cloud.

According to The Guardian, photos reveal that a significant part of Didcot A site was collapsed. Didcot A began operation in 1970 before closing in 2013. Part of the site had already been demolished and there were plans to demolish more buildings in the Didcot A area. This footage shows a closeup of the explosion’s aftermath:

The gas-fired power station, Didcot B, was next to the collapsed plant, but it was not the site of the explosion, The Guardian reported. However, it’s not yet clear if Didcot B was affected by the accident. Some reports say it was a main control building at Didcot A that came down, according to Oxford Mail. A spokeswoman said the site was under demolition but could not say if there were explosives in the affected building. Coleman and Co, the firm behind the demolition, sent out a tweet last week showing what may be the building that collapsed, talking about plans for the demolition:



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