Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders Age: How Old Are They?

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Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are fighting for the Democratic nomination. (Getty)

If elected, Bernie Sanders would be the oldest person to ever take over the Oval Office. Sanders is 74 years old but would be 75 by the time he entered the White House. Hillary Clinton would trail only Ronald Reagan in age should she advance and win the general election in the fall. Clinton is 68 years old and would be 69 by the time she took the oath of office.

Clinton would join Reagan as the oldest person to start their presidency at 69 years of age. Reagan would still be slightly older than Clinton when he became president. He was less than a month shy of his 70th birthday when his presidency began.

By contrast, one candidate on the Republican side could enter the history books at the other end of the spectrum. Marco Rubio would be one of the youngest presidents if he were to win both the GOP nomination and the general election. Rubio is 44 years old and would be 45 at the time he took office. He would be the second youngest elected president after John F. Kennedy who was 43 years old.

Theodore Roosevelt was technically the youngest president ever. Roosevelt became president in 1901 after William McKinley was assassinated. He was 42 years old when he took office.

If elected, Sanders would be the oldest president by about six years. He would be 79 years old by the end of his first term while Clinton would be 73 at the end of her first term.

Here’s a look at the five oldest elected presidents. The age listed is their age at the time of the election and the data is courtesy of Time.

Ronald Reagan (1980) 69
William Harrison (1840) 67
Harry S. Truman (1948) 64
George H.W. Bush (1988) 64
Zachary Taylor (1848) 63


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Cal Bai

The article fails to mention that the Republican (presumptive) nominee is more than a year older than Hillary Clinton.

Gary Calllaghan

If Trump wins nomination this country has just given the election to Hillary. It will be a bloodbath from the left and all the bad stuff on Trump will come crashing down on him. The so called angry republicans will have managed to hand a general election for president to the Benghazi murderer, lying and traitor Hillary Clinton. She will not get indicted because she is a Clinton. The attorney general will not prosecute for obvious reasons and she will be allowed to run for president . Again Hope all u dumb asses who voted for Trump will stand up and admit u made a terrible mistake being duped by a fraud and causing all the pain and suffering the rest of us will endure. Your anger has clouded your sanity. TRUMP cannot win and the Clinton team thanks you. The 50%. of voters who said they would never vote for Trump also thank you so much. As they will not vote for the man.

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