Pulse Shooting Victims List: Names, Profiles & Photos

Shane Evan Tomlinson, 33

Tomlinson lived in Orlando and graduated from East Carolina University, according to his Facebook page. He was the manager and lead vocalist for Frequency Band, an Orlando-based cover band. "Ordinary guy living an extra-ordinary life using my God given gift to navigate through this journey," Tomlinson wrote in his Facebook "About Me" section. He was originally from Concord, North Carolina. He went to Pulse after performing at a nearby club, friends said. "Shane was talented beyond his years, he carried a light that anyone who knew him could see. I remember hurting in laughter from hours spent listening to him carry on about almost anything and making it hilarious. He only wanted to make the world a brighter place! Shane you will be missed dearly," a friend, Andy Carter, wrote on Facebook. (Facebook)




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