WATCH: Anderson Cooper Criticizes Pam Bondi Over Orlando Shooting Response

Anderson Cooper pushes Pam Bondi on LGBTQ issues2016-06-14T18:23:50.000Z

In a CNN interview this afternoon, Anderson Cooper confronted Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi on her potentially hypocritical reaction to the Pulse nightclub shooting.

Cooper accused Bondi of making herself out to be a champion of LGBT Americans in the aftermath of the horrifying Orlando massacre, even though she has previously fought against gay marriage and has never been a friend of gay people.

As discussed in the interview, Florida has set up a hotline for family members to find out information about victims. Yet Cooper points out that this would not have been possible had gay marriage not been legal in Florida, as Bondi would prefer.

“Had there been no gay marriage – had their been no same sex marriage – you do realize that…boyfriends and girlfriends of the dead would not be able to get information, and would not even be able to visit them in the hospital,” Cooper said. “Isn’t there a sick irony in that?”

Cooper concluded by noting that he has never before heard Bondi show support for the LGBT community.

Bondi has previously said that legalizing gay marriage would “impose significant public harm,” according to Mediaite.

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