Charlotte Pence, Mike Pence’s Daughter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

charlotte pence

Charlotte Pence with her mom. (Twitter)

Mike Pence is about to be in the center of the national spotlight. According to Roll Call, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will be Donald Trump’s choice for vice president. (Read more about Trump’s official announcement here.) Pence has three children, including Charlotte Pence, his oldest daughter. Charlotte is a filmmaker and writer who has been very supportive of her dad’s political career.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Charlotte Pence Is a Filmmaker

Fleeced TrailerFleeced: Speaking Out Against Senior Financial Abuse is a joint production between the National Community Reinvestment Coalition and WFYI Productions, with generous support from the Atlantic Philanthropies. Coming in the fall of 2013.2013-07-26T14:58:20.000Z

Charlotte, who recently turned 23, is already making a name for herself in the film industry. She was one of the directors of the documentary “For the Records,” which highlights the struggles of mental illness. She also was associate producer and co-writer of “Fleeced,” a documentary which won nine regional Emmy awards. You can watch the trailer for Fleeced above.

Beyond all that, she was featured in a PSA about texting while driving, which you can watch the video here.

2. She Volunteered on an Organic Vegetable Farm

mike pence and family

Mike Pence and his three children. (Twitter)

Charlotte definitely lives her life “outside the box.” According to her resume, in April 2015 she volunteered at an organic vegetable farm in Ojos, Spain called “La Era De Oxox Farm.” Her work included preparing orders and delivering to local families and businesses. She also cared for chickens and horses, cultivated plants, and painted roofs.

3. Charlotte Pence Wrote a Column Called ‘An American at Oxford’

Charlotte isn’t just a filmmaker, she’s also a writer. She authored a column called “An American at Oxford,” covering her experiences studying at Oxford. You can read her stories here. In one of her columns she wrote:

…it is clear to me that the most inspired I have been while here has not been reading texts by people long gone, but rather it has been the same thing those famed writers and philosophers found inspiring in their own lives: the people.”

She also published a column on Thought Catalog called “Believing in God and Other 21st Century Burdens” You can read it here. In it, she talked about her faith and the difficulty of sometimes discussing her faith with people who believe she is misled or naive:

I cannot accept a humanity that does not possess any kind of curiosity about God, because with curiosity, then at least we were getting somewhere.”

4. She and Her Family Are Very Close

charlotte born

Mike Pence shared this photo on his daughter Charlotte’s 21st birthday. (Twitter)

Charlotte and her family are very close. Despite having different political views (her younger sister Audrey is socially liberal), the two are very close. She once posted on Twitter that all her friends were basically a version of her sister:

She shared this photo of her and her siblings on Facebook for National Sibling Day:

5. She Has a Great Sense of Humor

Charlotte hasn’t posted to her Twitter account yet in 2016, but if you read through her past tweets, you can see that she has a great sense of humor. This will likely be a big asset when the family is part of a presidential candidacy, which can get very stressful sometimes.

She’s also not afraid to occasionally make fun of herself:

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