WATCH: Video Shows Dallas Shooter & Officer Down [GRAPHIC]

Dallas Shooter filmed by ismael Dejesus , 11 shot 4 deadJust released ! 2:20am eastern time. video shot 50 yards away, the chev in the video is the shooters. he is headed west on elm street. shooter finishes officer off execution style mr de jesus claims2016-07-08T04:53:45.000Z

Ismael DeJesus captured a video (above) of the Dallas police shooter and a police officer lying shot on the ground with his cell phone.

You can also watch the video here, via CNN. CNN says that DeJesus shot the video from a hotel balcony after hearing popping sounds he thought were fireworks.

In the CNN interview, DeJesus said the shooter had an AR15 rifle with a big magazine. He says the suspect in the video is the man shooting from behind the white pillar. At one point, he said, the suspect “turned around to check his back.” Then, the officer “tried to take him one-on-one in a firefight, and it didn’t end very well. It’s very tragic.”

DeJesus was one of several citizens to capture pieces of the mass shooting on cell phone videos – sort of a modern day equivalent of the Zapruder film. One citizen captured the moment the officer was shot; warning the video is very graphic. Allison Griz captured the gunfire on two videos from her living room as she watched out a window.

The police chief said in a live news conference that the suspects – at least four are known – triangulated the officers with coordinated sniper positions from elevated places, NBC said. One suspect was still engaged in a standoff with police; the others were being interrogated.

Some people on Twitter were upset at DeJesus’ interview on CNN.

Read more about the Dallas shooting in Spanish at

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