Terra Ward, Darrell Ward’s Daughter: The Photos You Need to See

On Sunday, Ice Road Truckers’ Darrell Ward tragically died in a fatal plane crash, a rep for the show told FOX411. Ward and his 56-year-old co-pilot, Mark Melotz, were traveling to Missoula, Montana, to film a documentary series about the recovery of plane wrecks. Ward is survived by his mother and father, siblings who also live in Montana, his daughter, Terra, two grandkids, and his son, Reno. Click through our gallery to see pictures of his 21-year-old daughter, Terra, who recently wrote a heart-filled letter in memory of her father. (Facebook/TerraWard)



Ingo Sabotka

I am from Germany … and from there I followed the adventures of the ‘Ice Road Truckers’ since at last two years. I am definitively shocked that Mr. Darell Ward passed away (!) My thoughts are with his family and friends. I am almost 60 years old . . . and I can judge that Darell Ward left us much too early. I don’t know whether this helps, but I know the saying which goes approx. like this: “Don’t cry that it is over . . . but smile that it had been!” God bless Darell Ward and his family and friends.

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