Grace and Lace-From $1 to 20 Million in Sales in the 3 Years After ‘Shark Tank’

How to Wear our Reversible Button Scarf/Poncho!Watch Melissa demonstrate how to wear our Reversible Button Scarf/Poncho. Get it in… Cream/Multi-color: Pumpkin/Plum: Slate/Rust:

Grace and Lace got a deal with Barbara in Season 5 for their clothing and accessories for women such as leg warmers, boot cuffs and wool scarves. The company is growing at an incredible rate and continues to introduce new products to their uniquely feminine line. This fall, they’ve added a v-neck slouch pullover, over-sized pocket cardigan and a faux suede tassel jacket.

We interviewed Rick Hinnant, who owns the company with his wife, Melissa. When asked about the increase of sales they’ve enjoyed since the show, he said, “Before Shark Tank we’d done a little over $1 million in sales and as of now we’ve surpassed $20 million in sales.

Here’s what else he told us about…

Barbara’s Involvement

Barbara is as hands-off or hands-on as we want. She’s the perfect partner and helps in any way we need plus she goes out of her way to assist us with media appearances.

Where You Can Buy Their Products

Around 75 percent of our business is done through our website. We’re also sold in over 2,500 boutiques worldwide and our hope is to partner with 10,000 plus boutiques in the next two to five years. We love the more relational aspect that we have with boutique owners versus the much different feel from big-box retailers so it’s our aim to help the boutique owner succeed as much as possible.


We have quite a few that do fantastic. Our Perfect Fit Tank Top and Chiffon High-Low Extenders do tremendous along with several others like the Pointed Lace Top Extenders, Scalloped Lace Top Extenders, Light Weight Two Fit Knit Cardigans and Blanket Scarf/Toggle Ponchos. We have too many more to mention.

Plans for the Future

We have a goal of being a $100 million company that is a worldwide brand. We’re achieving the goal of being a national brand and we have plans to expand internationally more and more in the years to come. It’s an exciting journey that is still very young! The sky is the limit for Grace and Lace!

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