LIVE STREAM: Watch Hurricane Matthew in Florida Online

Hurricane Matthew is making its way up the Florida coast. We have a series of live hurricane radars, livestream feeds, and webcams to let you watch the storm as it moves up the Florida coast. These feeds could go up and down periodically due to power outages and storm damage, or they may switch from being a live stream to a rewatchable video, but we will keep updating this post periodically as the storm progresses. We will also add more feeds for other states and cities as the storm’s path continues. The feed above is a newscast from The Weather Channel, showing live coverage about Hurricane Matthew. Many feeds below are from residents in the path of the storm.

Here are more live streams you might want to see.

Hurricane Matthew Radar & Doppler Live Stream

If you came here looking for radar and doppler live streams, here is one for you to view, from MY FOX Hurricane:

We have more radars in our story here.

Broward County, Florida and Fort Lauderdale, Florida Live Streams

This live stream above shows the coast in Broward County, Florida. This next live stream feed is from Margate in Broward, South Florida:

This next video is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida:

The above stream’s camera will periodically pan to show two different positions and it will stay live a long as there’s power.

Miami Beach Live Stream

This live stream is from the shores of Miami Beach, Sunny Isles beach.

And here is a live stream from South Beach, Miami:

Boca Raton, Florida Web Cam Feed

The live stream below is from Boca Raton, Florida, posted by Josh Lochner. He wrote on YouTube that it’s a stream from his driveway and it will keep running as long as he has a battery backup or electricity.

Daytona Beach Live Stream of Hurricane Matthew

The Daytona Beach News-Journal is posting streams periodically via Facebook live. Here is one.

Port Saint Lucie, Florida Stream

The above livestream was facing east, toward the ocean, although this particular residence isn’t actually located near the ocean, Kristofer Maki wrote on YouTube. That live stream ended, but here is Kristofer’s current live stream. Looks like everything is OK:


Jupiter, Florida Webcam Feed

Here is a live stream from Jupiter, Florida. The poster said the webcam is filming from about five miles inland, near 95 and Indiantown Road. (The livestream appears to have ended, possibly due to a power outage.)

Other Florida Locations with Hurricane Livestreams

On YouTube, “MikeTube” streamed a series of videos from Palm Bay, Florida. He said that he would keep the feed going as long as possible. The last stream had up went offline just before midnight Eastern. You can check his YouTube channel here to see when he comes back online or to view his last few feeds. He has since switched to a live “aftermath” video:

Meanwhile, “Kelly N Todd Peters” on Facebook have been running livestreams from Fernandina Beach, Florida on Facebook. Here is one of theirs:

And Anthony Altadonna is showing live feeds as he tries to go beach side in New Smyrna Beach, Florida:

Live streams on Facebook may periodically go down, so be sure and check out the person’s Facebook page for newer streams if the ones we have listed here are taken down.


Additional Live Stream Feeds of Hurricane Matthew

Orlando has a livestream camera on its busiest interchange: I-4 at the State Road 408 interchange near downtown at this link.

Jeff Piotrowski has a Periscope account where is periodically updating livestreams from Florida. You can see visit his account at this link.

Deerfield Beach, Florida has a webcam at this link.

MyNews13 has a number of livestreams at this link.

And here’s a livestream cam from the Jax Pier in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

You can view a series of webcams from Orlando, Sea World, and Disney World here, including a live stream of Sea World Orlando’s Penguin Cam.

And here’s a link to a livestream from Marion & Wayland H. Cato Jr. Center for the Arts in Charleston.