Bernie Sanders at the Standing Rock Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Bernie Sanders took part in a "Day of Action" that spread across the entire United States today, where thousands of people showed their support for Standing Rock and other water protectors who are standing against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Sanders spoke at a rally in Washington D.C. and pledged to help end the exploitation of Native Americans affected by the pipeline. Protesters are demanding that pipeline construction either be halted or rerouted. Thousands rallied outside of banks, energy companies, and Army Corp of Engineers offices across the country a day after President Barack Obama's administration delayed giving a permit to finish construction, Reuters reported. Click through the gallery to see photos and stories about the rally, along with photos from other rallies around the country, and learn more about what Bernie said. On Facebook, The People for Bernie Sanders shared this photo. (Facebook/The People for Bernie Sanders)




I love this man. Thank you for being a politician who actually has the courage to stand up for what is right.


You have done it !

The world now See’s you !

People now can see your fight to protect your secret Land and your water !

They ! the enemy can not move across your land freely now

The great spirit has not forgotten his people.

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