Electoral College Vote Results: State-by-State List

electoral college results

(Courtesy of 270toWin)

Although the official electoral college results won’t be announced until January 6, when Congress meets in a joint session to officially count the results, states’ votes are already being announced and we now know that President-Elect Donald Trump is the winner. Trump had 259 electoral votes before Texas cast 36 of its 38 electoral votes for Trump, pushing him over the 270 that he needed to win. He ended with 304 electoral votes to Clinton’s 227.

Here are the results state-by-state, in alphabetical order, as shared by local media outlets, electors, or state officials. Faithless electors also put in votes for Bernie Sanders, Ron Paul, Faith Spotted Eagle, Colin Powell, and John Kasich.

Alabama – All 9 electors have voted for Trump.

Alaska – All 3 electors voted for Trump.

Arizona  – All 11 electors voted for Trump.

Arkansas  – All 6 electors voted for Trump.

California – All 55 voted for Hillary Clinton.

Colorado – All 9 electors voted for Clinton, after one attempted to go faithless to try to keep Trump out of office.

Connecticut – All 7 electors voted for Hillary Clinton.

Delaware – All 3 electors voted for Hillary Clinton.

Florida  – All 29 electors voted for Trump.

Georgia – All 16 electors voted for Trump.

Hawaii – 3 voted Democrat and 1 turned faithless and voted for Bernie Sanders instead of Clinton, per 270toWin.

Idaho – All 4 electors voted for Trump.

Illinois – All 20 electors voted for Clinton.

Indiana – All 11 electors voted for Trump.

Kansas – All six electors voted for Trump, per 270toWin.

Kentucky – All 8 electors voted for Trump.

Louisiana – All 8 electors voted for Trump.

Maine – Maine and Nebraska are the only states that split their electoral votes. In Maine, Trump earned 1 electoral vote and Clinton earned 3. One of Clinton’s electors, David Bright, announced on Facebook that he was giving his electoral vote to Bernie Sanders. He tried to do just that, but he was ruled out of order and the vote was recast, forcing him to vote for Hillary Clinton instead.

Maryland – All 10 electors voted for Hillary Clinton.

Michigan  – All 16 electors voted for Trump.

Minnesota – All 10 electors voted for Clinton.

Missouri – All 10 electors voted for Trump.

Mississippi – All 6 electors voted for Trump.

Montana – All 3 electoral votes went to Trump.

Nebraska  – All 5 voted for Trump.

Nevada – All six voted for Clinton.

New Hampshire – All 4 electors voted for Clinton.

New Jersey – All 14 electors voted for Clinton, per 270toWin.

New Mexico – All 5 electors voted for Clinton.

New York  – All 29 electors voted for Hillary Clinton.

North Carolina – All 15 electors voted for Trump.

North Dakota – All 3 electors voted for Trump.

Ohio  – All 18 electors voted for Trump.

Oklahoma  – All 7 electors voted for Trump.

Oregon – All 7 electors voted for Clinton.

Pennsylvania – All 20 votes for Trump (verified by CBS).

Rhode Island – All 4 electors voted for Clinton.

South Carolina – All 9 electors voted for Trump.

South Dakota – All 3 electors voted for Trump.

Tennessee  – All 11 electors voted for Trump.

Texas – In Texas, 36 out of its 38 electoral votes went to Trump. Chris Suprun wrote today on The Hill that he still intended to cast his vote for John Kasich and not Trump. Once the meeting got underway, four electors resigned and then were replaced, which caused the results to be delayed. One of the electors, Sisneros, did not want to vote for Trump. The other three found out they were ineligible, Sean Walsh of the Statesman reported.

Utah – All 6 electors voted for Trump, per 270toWin.

Vermont – All 3 electors voted for Clinton.

Virginia – All 13 electors voted for Clinton, according to 270toWin.

Washington In Washington, eight voted for Clinton, 3 voted for Colin Powell, and 1 voted for Faith Spotted Eagle.

West Virginia – All 5 electors voted for Trump.

Wisconsin – All 10 electors voted for Donald Trump.

Wyoming – All 3 electors voted for Trump, per 270toWin.

Despite thousands of voters writing Republican electors and trying to convince them to flip against Trump due to Clinton’s winning the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes, chances were very slim that this would actually happen. History tells us that electors typically vote within their state’s guidelines and don’t flip or go faithless.

One of the first to be announced was when CBS News in Pittsburgh announced that all 20 of Pennsylvania’s electors have voted for Trump. This is in line with what their state’s popular vote required their electors to do, so it looks like no one in Pennsylvania ended up voting faithless. Pennsylvania was a state that many people were watching because of the recount attempt there and the controversy over a typically blue state turning red.

We will add more results to this article as they are announced. In the meantime, if you’d like to see what an electoral ballot looks like, Jon Husted, Secretary of State in Ohio, shared his on Twitter:

Want to watch the results as they happen? See our story with livestreaming video and links below:




As of 3:10 p.m. EDT today, the Russians continue to dance as Putin’s Puppet wins the non-popular vote.


HMM I recall Hillary saying something about respecting the vote Guess you failed to respect the vote! Funny how your people riot desultory private property and pubic property when you don’t get your way! Republicans don’t go out and riot ever nor attack people for the most part at democrat rallies yet your people do and all assassinated Presidents were assassinated by democrats, anarchist, and finally a communist all left wingers! Most criminals in prison are democrats!


what do you call what they are doing about the democrat that just won the governorship in North Carolina


I guess you didn’t have the guts to riot! Would you have even known what you were rioting about?




I can’t stand Trump, but I certainly would never be for his, or any of our Presidents assassination. There are legal, non-violent means to remove him from office. Focus on this, not on violence. No one wins with violence.


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Excuse me, but just this past week Donnie stated that his supporters were mean and nasty during the campaign. Trumpers comments on this blog alone, only further serve to verify his statement. As far as assassins, with the exception of Sirhan Sirhan, they’ve all been white, Christian and male. Additionally, John Wilkes Booth, a fanatical conservative, Christian, and arch supporter if the Confederacy, assassinated Lincoln–who history has judged to be the all-time best President. Lee Harvey Oswald had no ideology . . . just a pathetic little man, desperate to be important . . . his only allegiance was to his ego. McKinley assassin was similar–another desperate little man. Learn your own country’s history, will ya?


You should learns your history. The Republican Party freed the slaves, the Democrat Party started the KKK. The Republican Party gave African Americans the right to vote, the Democrats started Planned Parenthood as a population control for African Americans. The Republican Party pushed for Women’s Right to Vote (19th Amendment) while the Democrats fought it. Both African Americans, and women have hated republican party ever since. Learn your facts, before you type stuff.


Yeah, and the Republic party of Lincoln sooooo resembles the Republican party of today—NOT. Lincoln is rolling over in his grade. The sad thing is is that if in the last election had Lincoln run against Trump, Trump would have won. Tragic, frightening and dangerous commentary on today’s America.


“You should LEARNS history???”. Maybe you should learn English grammar first!


Oh, now you listen to Hillary . . . my, my how convenient to temporarily change your allegiance.

As far as Republicans “never” BS . . . just who do you think belongs to the KKK these days?.


Virginia State Senator Stephen Martin, when caught in his lie statinff that the Democratic Party fathered the KKK, retracted his statement and said: “”What I should have said is it was started by Democrats, not by the Democratic party,” the senator said, and further added that he “regretted the carelessness and inaccuracy” of his comments regarding the KKK. Feel free to contact his office directly if you wish to verify the statement.

However, Donnie Dear’s Daddy Trump was one of the seven men arrested in 1927 as 1,000 white-robed Klansmen marched through the Jamaica neighborhood, eventually spurring an all-out brawl. Makes perfect sense, as we all know Daddy’s rental policies towards blacks. If you’re looking for KKK legacy, look no further!


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Awwwww Henry does his opposition to illegal immigration bother you?
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I think it is more that he says all those things and his actually life doesn’t back any of those comments up. “Drain the swap” has resulted in a series of krony billionaire palls being appointed to ever post so far. So, the vote is still out on if he will be a good president or not. So, far, it is not obvious. But I hope for the best. He did win, and it seems like he did it fair and square, so we gotta back him and wish the best — for all of us!


Drain the swamp . . . my god, with his appointees, it’s gonna overflow and flood!


Supports our military–for chris sakes, he had to be shamed into donating the money he claimed he would for copping out of the debate. Dude, put the crack pipe down, and step away from the hookah!


Gosh, for being the victor, you certainly sound terribly defensive. Is it because you know deep in your heart that Trump shouldn’t be president.


Awww, let’s see . . . Obama won 365 electoral college votes, and Donnie 270. Gee, maybe if the Russians help Donnie even more next election, he just might break 300! LMAO!!


makkie did you say he supports christianity?????????? what a joke. he panders the christians. i’ll bet he hasn’t gone to one church invite since he won the election. i’m sure they ask him every week, but won’t pay any attention to them now. lol


You’re half right, Anonymous . . . Trump does pander to Christians . . . WHITE Christians that is!


I accept reality. Today, the second runner up of the popular vote won the electoral college. As far as the “3 million illegal alien votes” that Trumpsters rabidly hold dear, not a single one of them have provided substantiated, vetted, nonpartisan documentation. If/When one of them documents such a truth, I’ll listen. Otherwise it’s all BS.


I think that is meaningless. The popular vote doesn’t count else you would be run by the lunatics in California who have their state on hanging on the verge of bankruptcy. IYou will more than likely be one of those people that will hate Trump while your life and the rest of the USA gets better. Your candidate and her dream of open borders and trade would be another nightmare for the USA.


Ahh, California is FAR, FAR from bankruptcy . . . in fact, in spite of regulations to protect its public’s safety, a $10.50/hr minimum wage, it’s beating the pants off Texas that has NO regulation to inhibit it whatsoever. (Just ask the Texas folk where the fertilizer factory blew up.) Geez, when was the last time you read a real news story–2003? In fact, if California was its own nation today, it’d be the seventh largest economy in the world (It’s vacillated between being the 4th to 8th largest economy in the world for the last 15+ years.) It also supports welfare states like Mississippi, Arkansas, etc. with its tax revenues. Bankruptcy, my ass.

Your statement just reflects how much ignorance you and the rest of the Trump voters have about this country . Trying to say the 3 million more votes Hillary received than Trump is solely because of California, shows how rampant fake news stories run wild with Trump voters. And btw, sadly, the very state that created the technology that allows you to spout your ignorance, is the very state that made it all possible via its incredibly hard work work ethic, knowing how to create and build businesses on the leading edge of technology, and make a profit. And they didn’t have multi-millionaire Daddys to give them a $14 million dollar loan to do it either. Californians don’t cry in their beer when their economy slows down, instead, it rolls its sleeves up and creates something like the Silicon Valley. It also the most profitable and largest agricultural land in the country; it sets the tone worldwide for the entertainment industry, and is the no. 1 state in the country for tourism. No other state in the country comes close to its brilliance, and coastal beauty. The rest of the country should be so blessed and bright . . . and could learn something too. However, you believe failed, rust-belt states should solely determine the election’s outcome.

Lastly, I never claimed that Hillary was my candidate . . . that’s pure assumption on your part . . . kinda like California’s so-called bankruptcy! LMAO.


Now…let me get this straight. Your comment above boldly declares the following: “The state of California created the technology that grants others the ability to (quote) “spout their ignorance “. ?.? Here’s a FACT you may want consider: The state of CA has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the FACT that others are capable of voicing their opinions in public forums. This right is granted to every American citizen under the terms included in a DOCUMENT that was written by OUR forefathers called the Constitution! And (by the way) I personally invested 20 years of my life to military service (in part) to ensure that YOUR Constitutional right to freely voice your opinions (along with ALL other US citizens) remains in-tact. I think that perhaps you may have become a bit dillusional as a result of prolinged exposure to all of that “unique” twisted CA style philosophy. LOL.
Oh! And (by the way) since I’m quite sure that you’re incapable of arriving at the decision to actually THANK a vet for their sacrifice/dedication related to working tirelessly to ensure your Constitutional right to free speech/your iwn opinions (regardless of how asinine said opinions may be)…..I’ll just go ahead & say: “You’re welcome, you moron!!!”
The political system in the USA is engineered under the principles of “Democracy”….I suggest you Google the proper definition of that word. And (under the terms of these primciples) the candidate who EARNS the majority vote wins! TRUMP IS NOW OUR NEW PRESIDENT-ELECT (NOT BECAUSE THE MAJORITY IS IGNORANT). but because the MAJORITY is intelligent enough to clearly sees Killary for the worthless crook who (along with a countless litany of other illegal actions) purposely created a colossal breach in national security. And (by the way) this is an act of Treason. You may want to Google THAT word too. She should be in JAIL vs. the White House!!!!


The technology makes it possible to express your views in this forum . . . which was created in Silicon Valley . . .it allows you to reach far more people than if you stood on a street corner ranting!


Timothy McVeigh was in the military too . . as was the Army physician that murdered so many of his fellow soldiers in Texas . . . you sound just like them . . .being in the military doesn’t make you a saint, or give you a monopoly on perspective . . . there are more ways than one to put one’s life on the line for one’s country besides the military . . . so get over yourself.

Didn’t you hear Donnie admit that “Lock her up,” was just a way to fire up the Trumpsters during the campaign . . . his buddy Gingrich reiterated the same thing this week . . . just another of Donnie’s many hoaxes on those crazy or gullible enough to follow him. But, if you’re so intent on locking someone up, how bout George W. Bush who started a war based on false premises . . . who, during his Presidency, 3000+ people died on American soil in spite of the CIA forewarning him, and then allowed the bin Laden family to fly out of the United States in spite of all airports being closed to all aircraft except military aircraft . . . talk about treasonous . . . better lock up Colin Powell and Condaleeza Rice too, as they had private email servers as Secretary of State . . . Trump won the electoral college, which I fully understand and accept makes him President . . . but I also fully understand that the majority of voting Americans did t not vote for him . . .perhaps we should lock up Donnie tho for his refusal to endorse an investigation into the extent of Russia’s interference in the election, in spite of 17 intelligence agencies saying there was definite Russian interference . . . now that’s treasonous! What are Donnie and his followers so afraid of?

We don’t know what type of crook Donnie is, as he hasn’t released his tax returns . . . I can tell you tho that through his Trump University he screwed over many veterans and other hardworking, desperate folks who trusted him. But I guess it OK when Donnie does the screwing–even if it means screwing over veterans.


Hey, DW, you’re no Jack NIcholson . . . or Aaron Sorkin . . . stick to what you’re good at . . . whatever that may be!


OMG. As I mentioned earlier, I’m giving up on dealing w/ these anti-Trump idiots. They’ve all been “Trumped” already anyway! LOL


Not surprised at all DW . . . critical thinking isn’t Trumpsters’ forte!


Can’t handle the facts, DW? Can’t bully everyone into submission? I thought so! Jefferson wrote: “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” Nothing you can say will EVER silence my conscience and those of my fellow thinkers.


Dear Anon:
It’s not that I can’t handle the facts & (contrary to your opinion) I don’t feel as though bulling others is the way to get my point across either. The FACT is that Trump won this election…plain & simple. He’s our newly-elected President. There’s really nothing more than this left to say. Game over. Bye y’all.


LMAO, DW . . . you’ve attempted to repeatedly denigrate people who disagree with you by using a third-grader’s insults, and rants. I mean, “moron?” Really?


Well, as the old saying goes, DW, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”


Right, Californians burn their city to the ground when they don’t get their way.


Huh, please name the city that was burned to the ground? I travel to California monthly on business, and didn’t see any cities burned to the ground . . . you must’ve read another fake news story . . . par for the course!


If it doesn’t count, then why does it upset Trump and his followers when it’s brought up . . . and have them resort to bogus stories about 3 million illegal aliens voting, or that Hillary only won the popular vote because of California . . . HIllary won other states as well . . . there were no 3 million illegal voters in California ….but I’m sure your fake news stories will never tell you that!


Hillary and Trump and both their campaign managers knew the rules and objectives of the election were to win the EC, and they ran their campaigns to win the election according to those rules. Trump spent no time or effort in CA because there was no benefit to him in doing so. Hillary spent no time in the rust belt because she thought that she didn’t need to. Complaining about losing the EC but you really won because you got more of the popular vote and it isn’t fair is like complaining that you only lost the football game because you weren’t playing basketball and if you had, you would have won. Both campaigns would have been completely different if popular vote was the game. It isn’t – Hillary ran a losing campaign for president. End of story.


Who’s disputing that Hillary ran a losing campaign, lost the electoral college vote, and Trump won the Presidency?. I’m certainly not. What I do hear constantly from Trumpsters is that the votes of those who voted for Hillary mean nothing, in spite of there being 3 million more popular votes for Hillary, because Trump won the electoral college. Isn’t Trump supposed to become the president of ALL of America’? Therefore, he must consider and act in the best interest of ALL its citizens–not just the minority that voted for him. As far as your comment “both campaigns would have been completely different if the if the popular vote was the game,” that is pure supposition. But if you disagree, then given that Hillary won nearly 3 million more votes that Donald,, I can only conclude that you believe Hillary would now be the president-elect.


Trump is the President. The rules were the rules. You don’t get to yell and scream that your team had more hits than the other team so they should have won the baseball game. As for the popular vote, Clinton was given credit for 4 million more votes than Trump in California so the popular vote means even less. Illegals were allowed to vote in California so that state is a prime example of why the Electoral college will NEVER be changed.


The bogus 3 million illegal votes story AGAIN . . . not only has no Trumpanzee ever provided any incontrovertible proof of such a thing occurring, there are numerous, irrefutable proofs THAT IT DID NOT OCCUR . . . just another lie the Trumpanzees delude themselves with because they can’t stand the fact that Don-the-Con lost the popular vote . . . as far as one state, i.e., California being a prime example of why the Electoral College will never be changed, that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be changed . . . that’s why the Constitution been changed 27 times . . . the Rust Belt gave Trump his victory . . . given your reasoning, why should the Rust Belt’s geography dominate the election anymore than any other region or state in the country?

Wendy Maddy

that is what his former classmate called him at kew elementary school and he says that is what trump is now, only a bigger one than ever.