Who Was the Girl Sitting Behind Donald Trump?

Donald Trump, Girl Behind Donald Trump, Charlotte Pence


During Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration on January 20, a young girl wearing a blue coat sat behind Trump. That girl is Charlotte Pence, one of Vice President Mike Pence’s daughters. She was sitting between Barron Trump, Trump’s youngest son, and Karen Pence, Mike Pence’s wife.

Charlotte Pence is 23 years old and is hoping to break into the film industry. According to her website, she was a co-director on the documentary For The Records, which is about mental illness. She was also featured in a PSA against texting while driving. She also attended DePaul University, earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Digital Cinema and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English – Creative Writing.

Charlotte also has a Twitter page and an Instagram profile. Below is a photo with her father that she shared:


In an August Q&A with The DePaulia, Charlotte said that every member of the family was part of Pence’s decision to be Trump’s vice president.

“We talk about everything together,” Charlotte told her alma mater. “But I think a big part of it was that we’re in this position where I can be as involved as I want to be or not involved at all. And that’s how it’s always been for us kids.”

In that interview, Charlotte explained that she wasn’t able to do much on the campaign trail because she had a job. She decided that her role on the campaign trail was just to have fun.

“My role is to make it fun,” she told her alma mater’s newspaper. “It’s way more fun when you’re traveling with your family or friends, and I think that’s my main goal. Just to make it fun. To enjoy it.”

In another interview with her school newspaper, Charlotte said that it hadn’t really sunk in that her father and Trump won the White House. “There are definitely moments where it hits you for a second and it’s very humbling, the whole process, especially the transition,” she told The DePaulian.

Pence and Karen Pence have three children, Michael, Audrey and Charlotte. Michael currently serves in the U.S. Marine Corps.