Trump vs. Obama: Who Signed More Executive Orders & Memos in the First 100 Days?


President Donald Trump has been signing a lot of executive orders and memos during his first 100 days as President. But is he really signing that many more than usual? Or does it just seem like he’s signing more because of how much attention he’s getting in the media? This article is going to compare just how many executive orders he has signed compared to former President Barack Obama. Although the law only requires that executive orders are published in the Federal Register, not memos, you can use Internet Archive to go back and compare Obama’s memos to Trump’s also.

Trump Signed 51 Executive Actions Compared to Obama’s 41 in the First 100 Days


According to the White House, Trump has signed 30 executive orders in his first 100 days. However, if you also include memos he’s signed, his total number of executive actions actually total 51 in his first 100 days. (See a full list in Heavy’s story here.)

Obama’s 100th day in office took place on April 29, 2009. By then, he had signed 19 executive orders, according to the National Archives. Looking back at the Internet Archive of his presidential memos, you can see that by April 29, he had signed 22 memos also. This means that Obama’s total executive actions were 41, just ten shy of Trump.

A Complete List of Obama’s Executive Orders and Memos in His First 100 Days

Here is a complete list of all the executive orders and memos that Obama signed in his first 100 days. You can read about them in detail on the attached links below.

Obama’s 22 Memos

Obama’s 19 Executive Orders

A Complete List of Trump’s Executive Orders and Memos in His First 100 Days

For comparison, here are Trump’s 51 executive orders and memos in his first 100 days. Read about them in more detail in Heavy’s article here.

Trump’s 30 Executive Orders

Trump’s 21 Presidential Memos

Note: Because Obama’s Internet Archive of memos only includes official memos and not proclamations or letters to Congress, we only included Trump’s official memos here too.