WATCH: XXXTentacion Gets Attacked On Stage, Fight Ensues

XXXTENTACION Jumped On Stage2017-06-08T04:57:59.000Z

Rapper XXXTentacion was attacked during his concert in San Diego Wednesday night. A man ran from the side of the stage and delivered a punch to XXXTentacion, knocking him down and out. Security quickly jumped on the man and started throwing punches. Several other people, who weren’t security, appeared to get involved in the scuffle, which lasted for several minutes. XXXTentacion was carried off the stage during the melee. Security and members of XXXTentacion’s crew chased down some people on the side of the stage. XXXTentacion returned to the stage minutes after the altercation to show that he alright.

According to XXL, XXXTentacion has a beef with San Diego’s Rob Stone. Rumors are circulating online that Stone may be behind the attack, according to HipHopDX.

Here is another angle of the attack:

ABC 10 tweeted that there were reports of a stabbing at the concert.

FOX 5 reported that one man was found stabbed inside the venue and taken to the hospital in an unknown condition. Police later confirmed that the stabbing victim was a 19-year-old male who was treated for non-life-threatening injuries, according to CBS8.

The crowd left the concert hall and congregated in the street.

XXXTentacion wrote on Twitter, “security at the venue set him up, I got sucker punched and knocked out, it is what it is.”

The show at The Observatory in San Diego was the sixth stop on XXXTentacion’s “Revenge” tour. XXXTentacion has a concert scheduled in Santa Ana on Thursday night.

XXXTentacion is most known for his hit song, “Look At Me!”, which hit number 34 on the US Billboard Hot 100. He has over 976 thousand followers and over 400 million plays on his SoundCloud. The Florida rapper has been engaged in a beef with Drake, over the possibility of Drake ripping off his music.

XXXTentacion posted a new track following the concert.

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