WATCH: Lifeguard Harasses Teenager at Redondo Beach

A lifeguard on Redondo Beach, California went on a massive power trip when he went after a teenager who briefly set his boogie board on a trash can so it wouldn’t get sandy. The video was shared on YouTube by Davis Green and features a 17-year-old identified as “Thomas.”

The incident occurred at Topaz Jetty, an esplanade on Redondo Beach.

The video begins showing a lifeguard leaning over Thomas, telling him, “Nobody cares about you.”

There is then a brief summary of what sparked the confrontation.

After enjoying the ocean, Thomas briefly set his boogie board down on a trash can so that it wouldn’t get sandy. When the lifeguard asked Thomas to remove his board, the teenager did so but mouthed off, saying, “I didn’t know it was a crime to put your board on a trash can.”

The lifeguard then became unnecessarily hostile to the teen.

He leans down, removes his sunglases, and gets very close to Thomas’ face. “What are you gonna do?” he says to the teen. “You don’t use that language here, son. I will get in your face.”

Thomas says he’s leaving soon, anyway.

“I would suggest you don’t come back,” the lifeguard says to him.

The conversation then goes on back and forth a bit as the lifeguard grows more threatening.

Eventually, the lifeguard leaves.

But as Redditor tagliatelli_ninja accurately summarized the entire conflict, “Meanwhile, someone’s drowning.”


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I was forwarded the information from our public comments site, and multiple social media sites which shared a video regarding an incident that occurred on Topaz Jetty in Redondo Beach. Let me first please apologize on behalf of our Fire Chief Daryl L. Osby and the members of our Department for the negative interaction depicted in the video. While there could be many reasons for what was experienced, I sadly have no explanation at this time, and will offer no excuses whatsoever for an indisputable fact: what was witnessed has clearly caused many concerns. We take these matters very seriously. The Department is currently working to get the facts into the events and conducting an internal investigation with all involved parties. Battalion Chief Dennis Breshears, Professional Performance Section County of Los Angeles Fire Department

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