Bernie Sanders vs. Ted Cruz: Who Won the Tax Debate? [POLL]

Bernie Sanders vs. Ted Cruz tax debate live stream

Getty Bernie Sanders vs. Ted Cruz tax debate live stream

Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz faced off for a 90-minute debate on CNN tonight, discussing President Donald Trump’s plan for tax reform. Even before the debate began, supporters from both sides began placing their “bets” on who they thought would walk away the winner. Now that you’ve seen the debate, who do you think should be declared the winner?

The debate was focused on Trump’s tax plan. Some were excited about the debate and glad to see the two face off, which they haven’t done since February when they debated Obamacare. But others, especially those who are still upset about how the media virtually “ignored” Sanders during the Democratic primary, thought this was “too little, too late.”

Who do you think won? Supporters from both sides are feeling pretty passionate about their opinions on tonight’s debate.

When Cruz and Sanders faced off in February, Heavy offered a similar poll and readers were almost evenly split. More than 58,000 people voted, and 47.65 percent voted for Sanders, while 46.58% voted for Cruz. 

Even before the debate began, people were already sharing their opinions on social media about the event. Some people weren’t too happy the debate was even happening:

But others are excited about the debate and they already think they know who will win.

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