Third Wave Water on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Minerals that Make Your Coffee Taste Better

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Third Wave Water KickstarterThis is our official video for our kickstarter, which launched January 12, 2017. Here is the link: Minerals for your water, flavor for your coffee!2017-01-13T00:09:09.000Z

Third Wave Water entered the Shark Tank with their capsules filled with a mineral blend of magnesium, calcium and sodium that when added to water, make brewed coffee taste better.

We interviewed founders Taylor Minor and Charles Nick who said their product works so well because the ideal brewing water for coffee does not include all of the additional items that exist in water from faucets or carbon filter systems.

Since launching last October, they have sold over 6,000 units. And as for future plans, they’d like to enter into retailers like Whole Foods and are also working on a cafe mineralizer system for coffee shops.

Here’s what else they told us about…

Interested in Third Wave Water? Find it here.

How the Idea Came About

Charles: We were having lunch at a local Thai restaurant when I asked Taylor if he could make a concentrate of his perfected water blend he uses at his coffee shop Telemetry Coffee to use for my coffee customers at The Wright Cup, a coffee subscription company. Taylor joked that he could dehydrate the water and then thought to himself, “Wait, I can do that.” Since Taylor had just built his laboratory, he could easily create the initial water formula, which blew me away.

The Science Behind It

Charles: It’s a beautiful trifecta: effectively saturate the coffee oils, highlight natural flavors and inhibit blandness. Magnesium helps highlight sweeter notes naturally present in coffee, while the total amount of solids saturates with the coffee oils. If you do not have enough minerals you flatten your coffee (e.g. if you use reverse osmosis or distilled water). If you have too many minerals the water loses its effectiveness to remove the oils from the coffee bean, trapping the flavor in the coffee.

Nerves in the ‘Tank’

Third Wave Water Shark Tank AnnouncementIt's been a crazy year and it's about to get crazier! Watch #thirdwavewater on Shark Tank on Sunday October 8th, 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC!! Week 2 of season 9!!2017-09-16T18:19:26.000Z

Charles: Surprisingly, I was more excited than nervous. Taylor and I were confident in the pitch and the product and it was go-time, but I can’t say I remained the same throughout the Q&A!
Taylor: Yeah, I was nervous as hell! We were given the chance to make the pitch of a lifetime and there were no do-overs.

Experience With Kickstarter

Taylor: It was amazing. We love the Kickstarter ecosystem and advantages that are provided to any company wanting to take their first big leap in business. Filming the video, creating the content and executing a basic social media strategy was a fun learning curve. We discovering new amazing coffee partners through the process like Department of Brewology, the guys at I Brew My Own Coffee Podcast and more, making the Kickstarter experience even more enjoyable.


Interested in Third Wave Water? Find it here.


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