Columbus Day 2017: Is Walgreens Open?

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Columbus Day is here, and many people want to know if Walgreens is open so they can grab any last-minute necessities. Luckily, most Walgreens 24 Hour pharmacies will be open on Columbus Day, October 9.

It’s important to know that although most Walgreens stores will be open, hours can vary depending on your location You should check your local store’s hours to ensure the Walgreens near you is open by clicking here.

Columbus Day is not celebrated in California, Alaska, Nevada, or Hawaii. Instead, these states celebrate in alternative ways. Hawaii observes Discoverer’s Day, while Vermont observes Indigenous Peoples Day. South Dakota, lastly, commemorates America’s discovery with Native American Day.

In general, mail is not delivered on Columbus Day. All post offices and federal offices are closed for the holiday. Conveniently, packages from FedEx and UPS are being delivered and business will run as usual. Amazon has said there may be delays in shipping for Columbus Day, so be warned if you ordered something on Amazon Prime that it may not arrive in time.

The financial and stock markets will be open, while banks and bond markets that trade in US government will be closed. For those who are not federal workers, it is very likely you will have work– it’s essentially up to your employer.

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