Lucia Stoller Evans: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Harvey Weinstein arrest

Getty NYPD is looking into arresting Harvey Weinstein based partially on allegations by Lucia Stoller Evans.

Harvey Weinstein is expected to surrender to authorities in connection with charges that he sexually assaulted Lucia Stoller Evans, New York Daily News reported. Lucia Evans has said that he assaulted her in 2004 when she was a student actress. Previously, the Daily Beast reported that the NYPD was looking into arresting Weinstein based on five sexual assault allegations. It’s not clear if he will be charged for assaults related to the other four.

Here is everything you need to know about Lucia Evans.

1. Lucia Stoller Evans Said She Was Assaulted by Weinstein After Meeting at His Office to Read Scripts

Evans met Weinstein in 2004 at Cipriani Upstairs, a New York club, the summer before her senior year at Middlebury pursuing an acting career. Weinstein called her late at night and suggested she meet at his office so he could give her professional advice for her career. At first she declined, the New Yorker reported, and said she would only do readings during the day for a casting executive. But an assistance eventually called her to set up a daytime meeting at the Miramax office, saying she would first meet with Weinstein and then with a female casting executive. So Evans felt safe.

When she arrived, she was escorted to a room that Weinstein was in alone. She said he was flattering and demeaning simultaneously, talking about how she needed to lose weight for shows like Project Runway. Then he assaulted her, Evans told The New Yorker, forcing her to perform oral sex. She told detectives at the NYPD’s Special Victims unit that she repeatedly told him no over and over, but he overpowered her. “I said, over and over, ‘I don’t want to do this, stop, don’t.’ He’s a big guy. He overpowered me.”

2. She Struggled With Feeling Guilty About Being Attacked

Evans told The New Yorker that she felt guilty for being attacked. “I tried to get away, but maybe I didn’t try hard enough. I didn’t want to kick him or fight him… I just sort of gave up. That’s the most horrible part of it, and that’s why he’s been able to do this for so long to so many women: people give up, and then they feel like it’s their fault.”

Evans said a female casting executive met with her after the assault and sent her scripts for readings. Weinstein began calling her again late at night, after the assault, and it all felt very “routine.”

Evans told The New Yorker that the assault left her with many scars. She blamed herself and developed an eating problem as a result. She said she ruined some very good relationships and her schoolwork also suffered. Her roommates were worried she was suicidal and asked her to see a therapist.

Evans was reluctant to work with Vance’s office, but agreed after SVU detectives offered to go with her and stay while she was interviewed.

3. Lucia Evans Came Forward To Help Stop People From Feeling Powerless

Evans said on Twitter that she came forward because she wanted to stop Weinstein from making other people feel powerless. “Just hope that my story and the other brave women who came forward can stop him from making other women feel powerless.”

After she revealed her story, she posted on Twitter that she wasn’t interested in answering any more questions from the media. “Friends -your support means the world. Keep it coming. Media -I will not be doing interviews at this time. Pls respect my family’s privacy.”

She did say on Twitter that without the example of so many powerful women, she couldn’t have come forward.

Evans’ Instagram account is private, and her bio reads: “Helping individuals + brands speak their truth. Starting with my own.”

4. Evans Now Works as a Marketing Consultant

Evans is married and is no longer working in the field of acting. She’s now a talented and successful marketing consultant and, according to her bio, she’s worked with companies like Marriott International, Ann Taylor, and Attention. You can see one of her interviews while she worked with Marriott above. And another interview about Marriott’s virtual reality “teleporters” here:

Her work with Marriott was also featured by Daily Dot.

Evans is also a Webby Award winner. She describes herself as having “a strong focus on delivering on brand objectives through owned, co-created and curated content. I have a proven ability to drive business results through paid, earned and owned marketing channels. I believe that creative storytelling should be merged with detailed analytics to deliver channel-appropriate messages to the right people at the right time in the customer journey.”

5. She Wants To Help Others Find Their Voice

On her business website, Evans explains that one of her missions is to help others find their voice. Her website reads: “In October 2017, Lucia began the journey to reclaim her own voice, sharing her experience of assault with Ronan Farrow for the New Yorker which helped to launch the #MeToo movement.  She is empowered by the process of embracing her identity and is inspired to help others find their voices, no matter what stands in their way.”