Capt. David Rosa: A Tribute to the Firefighter Killed in Long Beach

Long Beach Fire Department David Rosa

Capt. David Rosa, 45, from Fire Station 10 is the firefighter who died when a gunman opened fire at a Long Beach, California senior housing facility on Monday. He was a veteran firefighter who had served the public for nearly two decades. Here is what we know so far about Rosa and what happened. This is a developing story.

1. Capt. David Rosa Was Married & Had Two Children

Capt. David Rosa, the firefighter who was killed while responding to the explosion and fire, was married and had two children.

2. Rosa Was a 17-Year Veteran Firefighter

Rosa was a 17-year veteran of the fire department, AP reported. He was with Fire Station 10.

3. Rosa Was Shot While Searching the Building After Helping Extinguish the Fire

Authorities received a call at 4 a.m. that there was a fire and explosion at Covenant Manor, an 11 story senior housing facility at the 600 block of E. 4th Street, ABC 7 reported. When firefighters arrived, they smelled gas and found a fire, windows blown out, and sprinklers activated.

Rosa was shot while he and other firefighters were searching the building after the put out the fire, ABC 7 reported. He was trying to trace the source of the gas smell and was near the unit that was believed to have caused the blast when he was shot, the LA Times reported.

Rosa was transported to St. Mary Medical Center. He was originally reported to be in critical condition, but he later passed. Another firefighter was shot and is in stable condition. Another person was also wounded and hospitalized, authorities said.

4. The Suspect Who Shot Rosa Is Believed to be a Resident

The name of the suspect who shot Rosa has not yet been released. But Police Sgt. Brad Johnson said that the person is believed to be a resident and has been taken into custody.

Covenant Manor, where the fire and shooting took place, is described on its website as “serving low incomes seniors 62 or older and/or disabled adults over the age of 18.” The building is located on 600 E. 4th St. in Long Beach, California. There are 100 apartments at Covenant Manor, including one- and two-bedroom units. Each apartment is equipped with a full kitchen and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Because of high demand, the community has a waiting list.

5. ‘Firefighters Deal with Fire — They Don’t Deal with Bullets’

When speaking to the media, Johnson lamented the loss of Rosa. He said during a news conference: “Firefighters, they do a tremendous job and they deal with fire — they don’t deal with bullets. It’s a sad time in Long Beach’s history today if you have firefighters injured responding to just doing their job.”

This is a developing story.

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