Isaac D. King: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Arizona Department of Public Safety

Isaac D. King is the 20 year old man suspected in the death of an Arizona state trooper, a 24 year old rookie named Tyler Edenhofer. King is suspected of grabbing another trooper’s gun and shooting two men late Wednesday night. One of the men were wounded but survived. Another was hurt struggling with the suspect but also survived. Tyler Edenhofer, a U.S. Navy veteran who had just graduated from the Advanced Trooper Academy, died from his bullet wound.
Late on Wednesday night, troopers got a call saying that a male suspect was throwing rocks at cars along Interstate 10. Three troopers
— Tyler Edenhofer, Dalin Dorris, and Sean Rodecap — arrived on the scene. Six police officers also responded to a call for backup. The suspect struggled with the troopers and apparently managed to grab Rodecap’s gun. King allegedly fired off two rounds from the gun.

Edenhofer was shot in the shoulder but the bullet ricocheted downward and killed him. Dorris also took a bullet to the shoulder. He was treated at a local hospital but has since been released and is reportedly in good spirits. Rodecap was not shot. He was hurt in the struggle and was also taken to a local hospital for treatment. He has been released.

Police have taken King, the suspect, into custody.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Drivers Called in the State Troopers Because King Was Allegedly Throwing Rocks at Cars. He Allegedly Grabbed a Trooper’s Gun And Shot Two of Them

A little after 10PM on Wednesday night, state troopers got a call telling them that a male suspect was throwing rocks at cars driving along Interstate 10. This was all taking place about 15 miles west of downtown Phoenix. Interstate drivers had pulled over to try to get the suspect off the road, according to Arizona Department of Public Safety officials.
Dalin was the first trooper to arrive on the scene. He called for backup, which is when Edenhofer and Rodecap arrived. Edenhofer was a rookie. He was in his last week of one-the-job training, and had just graduated from the academy two months earlier. Rodecap arrived in civilian clothes, but he was armed.
The troopers tried to get King off of the highway. King was unarmed, but he apparently resisted, and there was a scuffle. In the struggle, King allegedly grabbed Rodecap’s gun and discharged two rounds. One bullet hit Edenhofer, and the other struck Dorris. Dorris survived but Edenhofer was killed.

2. King Was Unarmed, and Has No Criminal History. But He Was On Medication for Anxiety and Depression

Fallen Officer Tyler Edenhofer

Frank Milstead, Director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, told reporters on Thursday that Isaac King has no criminal history. But he said the 20 year old has a history of mental health issues, and is on medication for anxiety and depression.

King was allegedly throwing rocks at cars driving along Insterstate 10 when troopers were called to the scene. A struggle ensued when they tried to get him off the road.

3. King Lives With His Mother in Avondale. She Thought He Was In the Backyard When the Shooting Occured

Injured Trooper Sean Rodecap

Milstead told reporters that King’s mother is being helpful in their investigation. Apparently she had no idea where King was on Wednesday night, when the shooting occured on the interstate. She thought that Isaac was in the backyard, jumping on the trampoline.

King’s mother told investigators that she had last seen her son at 9:30. At that time, he was jumping on the trampoline in the backyard.

At 10:15, state troopers got a call that a male suspect was throwing things at cars along Interstate 10, near Avondale. When troopers arrived on the scene, they reportedly confronted the suspect, Isaac King. That’s when the scuffle started. Dalin Dorris was the first to arrive on the scene. He called for reinforcement, which is why Edenhofer and Rodecap arrived. Edenhofer was a rookie who had just started work as a trooper. During the scuffle, King allegedly grabbed Rodecap’s gun and fired off two rounds, hitting Edenhofer and Dorris. Dorris survived but Edenhofer was killed.

4. King Has Been Hospitalized. Police Won’t Say Why

Injured Trooper Dale Dorris

State troopers transported King to a local hospital on Thursday, and he remains there until further notice. Law enforcement officials did not say why King had been taken to the hospital. It was not clear whether he was there for physical injuries, or whether it was a mental health issue. King has a history of anxiety and depression and is on medication for both issues.

5. Edenhofer Was a Rookie Who Had Just Graduated from the Academy. He Was Engaged To Be Married

Edenhofer was a rookie trooper who had just graduated two months ago from the Department of Public Safety academy. He was engaged to be married and was 24 years old.
Edenhofer’s mother told Col. Milstead, “You just got him” — meaning, that Edenhofer had just started in the job when he was shot and killed. The 24 year old had just graduated from the Advanced Trooper Academy on May 4 and was about to complete his on-the-job training when the shooting occurred. He was hired by the department in September of 2017. He was also a US Navy veteran.



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