Hurricane Michael Hitting Panama City: Watch Live Stream & Videos

With the maximum sustained winds from Hurricane Michael now reaching new 150 mph, all eyes are on the Florida Panhandle. The National Hurricane Center has said that the eyewall of Michael is expected to come on shore somewhere between St. Vincent Island and Panama City. More recent reports indicate that the storm is making landfall between Tyndall Air Force Base and Mexico Beach, Florida with sustained winds of 150 mph, Breaking 911 reported. (However, local news is reporting wind speeds up to 155 mph at landfall.) Here are live streams and videos of the Panama City area as Hurricane Michael approaches. The first video above is a stream from The Sun which periodically shows Panama City. Please note that these live streams may go down as the hurricane approaches. Non-livestream videos will also be included in this article. (Note: We tried not to include videos that automatically load sound, but you may need to mute some videos if they change settings and start playing automatically.)

This first stream shows the eyewall in Panama City, as shared by Mike Theiss:

This stream shows Mark Sudduth and his crew at the Hampton Inn near Panama City Beach, Florida:

This next stream is from Global Weather Sentinel shows a radar and picture-in-picture of Panama City Beach and other locations:

Authorities are warning that this might be the strongest recorded storm to ever make landfall in the Panhandle. The National Weather Service has said: “This will be a catastrophic event the likes of which this region has never seen.”

This next stream shows live cameras from Panama City Beach, Florida as Michael approaches, from ARoscoe360.

Kyle Bower’s stream from Panama City, Florida on Twitch:

WJXT4 Vic Micolucci is live in Panama City Beach:

WSB-TV shared this live video on Facebook of the storm from Pananma City:

Winds already began picking up and the storm was already leaving damage even before it made landfall. Here are some videos from earlier today:

You could already see shingles being ripped off roofs, hours before the storm’s arrival:

The eye of Michael may make landfall in the Panhandle Wednesday afternoon, then move northeast across Georgia, crossing the Carolinas, and then moving off the Mid-Atlantic Coast on Friday, forecasts predict.

Flash flooding is another significant concern from this storm.

Hours before the storm’s arrival, you could already see strong waves hitting the Panama City Beach pier:

Here’s a video of Pineapple Willy’s in Panama City around 11:30 a.m.:

This video from Brett Adair shows Hurricane Michael approaching and wind picking up and transformers blowing:

This video from earlier today shows a four hour time span as the hurricane approached Panama City, following Mark Sudduth and his storm tracking crew:

Here are some links to additional Panama City live streams that aren’t embeddable:

This is a developing story.

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