Brett Kavanaugh’s Wife & Daughters By His Side As He’s Privately Sworn In for Supreme Court [PHOTOS]


Brett Kavanaugh was sworn-in as a new Supreme Court Associate Justice with his wife, Ashley Kavanaugh, and their two daughters by his side. The swearing-in happened during a private ceremony a short time after he was confirmed through a Senate vote on Saturday.

GettyChief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., administers the Constitutional Oath to Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh as his wife Ashley Kavanaugh holds the Bible while joined by their daughters Margaret and Liza, in the Justices Conference Room.

The swearing-in ceremony happened quickly after he was confirmed by the Senate in a 50-48 vote. Protesters were swarming the Capitol steps shouting “shame, shame, shame” as he was sworn-in privately. He took both oaths to perform his Supreme Court duties, but will have a ceremonial public ceremony on Monday night.

Here is another photo from his swearing-in ceremony:

GettySwearing-in ceremony

Kavanaugh was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy, whom he’s replacing.

GettySupreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh leaves his home after being confirmed by the U.S. Senate October 06, 2018 in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

So far, only two photos have been released for his private swearing-in ceremony, in addition to the photo above that shows him leaving for the ceremony.

The White House also released official photos showing President Donald Trump signing the commission to appoint Kavanaugh.

Ashley Kavanaugh was by his side during the private ceremony, along with their two daughters.  Ashley has been supporting her husband through the entire confirmation process, including the allegations raised against him.

She sat behind him while he testified about Christine Ford’s allegations.

During his confirmation process and after Ford’s allegations surfaced, Ashley received death threats, USA Today reported. She received threatening emails at work, where she’s the town manager. They included messages like “My condolences to you for being married to a rapist. Although you probably deserve it,” and “F*** YOU AND YOUR RAPIST HUSBAND.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that she also received emails that read “May you, your husband and your kids burn in hell” and telling her to “put a bullet” in her husband.

Ashley and Brett have been married since 2004. They have two daughters, Margaret and Liza. Their first daughter was born just 13 months after they were married.

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