Amanda Ramsey & Luis Rosas Nunez: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

amanda ramsey luis rosas nunez

Volusia County Corrections Amanda Louise Ramsey & Luis Rosas Nunez.

Amanda Ramsey and Luis Rosas Nunez are facing attempted murder charges for allegedly trying to kill Ramsey’s estranged husband on Thanksgiving with a sword. The victim, who survived the attack, was identified as Jackie Ramsey III. Nunez was identified as Amanda’s boyfriend.

The incident happened at Jackie Ramsey’s home in Rockledge, Florida, in Brevard County. Neighbors told police that they saw the man stumble out of the house. He was reportedly clutching his bloody stomach. He had been slashed so deep that his intestines were reportedly dangling out of his body.

A warrant for Ramsey and Nunez’s arrest was issued a few days later on November 27, 2018.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Amanda Ramsey & Luis Nunez Claimed Self-Defense; Ramsey’s Mother Said Amanda & Her Husband Had Been Separated For Several Months

Amanda Ramsey’s mother, Penny Petro, told local news station WFTV that Amanda and Jackie had been estranged for several months. Petro shared that Amanda and her two children had been living with her. Amanda took the children to Jackie’s home to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with their father.

According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Ramsey and Nunez went to the Cocoa Police Department following the stabbing. They alleged that it had been self-defense. It was not immediately clear if a report was filed and there is not one listed on the Brevard County Clerk of Courts records website. We have reached out to the Cocoa Police Department for information.

Petro reaffirmed Amanda Ramsey’s account to the TV station. She said Amanda told her that Jackie was angry because he wanted to spend more time with their children. Amanda Ramsey claimed that Jackie had come at her with a butcher knife. At some point, he was stabbed with a samurai sword that was located inside the house. Police told the newspaper that they believe Nunez had been the one to use the sword.

Jackie Ramsey was rushed to the hospital and is recovering.

2. Amanda Ramsey & Luis Nunez Were Arrested Five Days After the Stabbing & Are Being Held Without Bond

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The Rockledge Police Department and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office apparently did not believe the story that the stabbing had been self-defense. Warrants for their arrests were filed Tuesday, November 27, five days after the crime. You can see the warrant issued for Ramsey’s arrest embedded above.

30-year-old Amanda Louise Ramsey and 22-year-old Luis Rosas Nunez were booked into the Volusia County Jail. They were both denied bail during an initial court appearance on November 28.

Amanda Ramsey’s married name was used on the arrest warrant. But when she was booked into the jail, deputies used her maiden name: Amanda Petro.

3. Ramsey & Nunez Face Charges Including Attempted First Degree Murder

Inmate records with Volusia County Jail and the Brevard County Circuit Court reveal that Amanda Ramsey and Luis Nunez each face three felony charges.

• Attempted First Degree Murder
• Aggravated Battery With a Deadly Weapon
• False Imprisonment

Under Florida law, a first degree attempted murder charge can result in a life prison sentence if convicted.

4. Amanda Ramsey Filed For Divorce From Jackie Ramsey III on November 26, 2018, Four Days After the Stabbing

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Amanda Louise Ramsey filed for divorce from Jackie Ramsey III on November 26, according to Volusia County Clerk of Circuit Court records. She filed just four days after the nearly-fatal stabbing. Records show they were married on Valentine’s Day in 2017.

The contents of the divorce petition have been made confidential, as you can see in the document embedded above.

But here’s an interesting caveat: Ramsey filed a second petition on the same day. The category is listed as “Domestic Violence.” A hearing had been scheduled to take place on December 5, 2018, at the City Island Courthouse. Again, the documents, which would have included Amanda Ramsey’s specific allegations, have been made confidential by the court.

5. Neither of the Suspects Nor the Victim Have Prior Criminal Records

None of the parties involved in the Thanksgiving Day sword stabbing appear to have criminal backgrounds. The Rockledge Police Department confirmed to WFTV that there was no documented history of domestic violence between Amanda and Jackie Ramsey. Officers had never been called to the home before.

Amanda Louise Ramsey was born September 3, 1988. An online search of records shows she does not have a criminal history. The search does not reveal work history.

Her estranged husband, Jackie Ramsey III, is 36 years old. A search of his records also does not reveal work history or a criminal record.

22-year-old Luis Rosas Nunez does not appear to have any kind of digital footprint.

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