Montel Williams Said Police Should Tase Laura Loomer

Getty / YouTube Montel Williams and Laura Loomer

Montel Williams is best known as the host of the long-running Montel Williams show. He is also an active social media user and a prolific, often opinionated, tweeter.

On Monday evening, after conservative activist Laura Loomer had made headlines by jumping the fence at Nancy Pelosi’s property in Napa, Williams took to Twitter to give his views. The former talk show host wrote, “RT if you think Napa police should tase Laura Loomer…I’m tired of this child.” Williams later deleted the tweet, but it survives in screenshots; you can see it here.

One Twitter user responded, “Montel, the Internet is forever. Is that what we do with those we disagree with — we taser them??? Really?”

Williams replied, “When they trespass on private property and refuse to comply, yes.”

On January 14, Loomer took a film crew from Unite America to Nancy Pelosi’s home in Napa Valley, California. She was also accompanied by three men — two Mexican nationals and one Guatemalan nationals whom she described as her ‘new amigos’. Loomer said she’d met the three men during a recent trip to the Mexican border where, she said brightly, there was no border and it was easy to cross over into the US. The film crew described the men as “illegal aliens.”

Loomer and the three men climbed over a low wall into Pelosi’s estate. Loomer said wryly, “I’m an American dreamer and I can’t live freely anywhere because I’m being banned everywhere.” She added that “Nancy” is very welcoming and that “everyone is welcome here,” while continuing to grumble that she is being banned everywhere and that she may soon not be able to pay her rent. Loomer and the men then started putting up a canopy which, they said, will be for the new sanctuary established in Pelosi’s home. The film crew invited “everyone” to come and set up camp in Nancy Pelosi’s home and on her lawn. You can watch the whole thing here.

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