‘Stand With Covington’ Campaign GoFundMe Created

A GoFundMe has been created for the ‘Stand With Covington’ campaign founded by Republican student activist CJ Pearson.

Pearson, who has penned the #StandWithCovington campaign, wrote, “Over the course of the past 72 hours, students at Covington Catholic High School have been met with death threats, doxxing, and defamation. One video – taken completely out of context – has completely changed the lives of the boys of Covington Catholic.

Pearson said the students have “been labeled racists and white supremacists – even baby bigots.”

Pearson, in his description on the fundraising page, says the students have been victimized by the media.

“However, as this episode has played out, new videos have emerged, directly in conflict with the narrative of the mainstream media. It was not the students from Covington who approached the Native American. It was the Native American who approached the students from Covington. It was not the students from Covington who chanted ‘Build The Wall.’ It was, however, one of the Native Americans who told the students from Covington to ‘go back to Europe.’ It was not the students from Covington who instigated this fiasco. It was a Native American activist, Nathan Phillips. In their honor, and with the blessing of many parents and students at Covington Catholic, I have created this GoFundMe campaign – in honor of my newfound friends at Covington Catholic. This fund will be used to offset costs associated with the legal, public relations, and on the ground efforts of the #StandWithCovington campaign. The Covington Boys didn’t go to D.C. to become famous. They went to D.C. to March For Life – in support of the unborn. So, with that being said, 50% of all money raised will be donated to Students For Life – the nation’s largest youth pro-life organization.”

In the first hour that the GoFundMe page was up, it had raised more than 15 percent of its $50,000 goal and was described as “trending.” And, in the first few minutes after its launch, hundreds had already donated and many shared comments.

“We MUST PROTECT and DEFEND our Christian youth, for these are our future Revolutionaries! These are those whom will RESTORE Allegiance to the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, One Nation Under God, With liberty and justice for All! May God Keep, Protect and Bless Them All,” wrote one. The comment section has since been removed.

In addition, to helping the campaign supporting the students, it’s also raising money for Students for Life.

The students from the Kentucky parochial school were in Washington D.C. for the annual March For Life.

Many of the students were seen wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ apparel. Following the march, students from Covington Catholic were involved in a face-off with the fringe group the Black Hebrew Israelites and then, with Native American activist Nathan Phillips.

In the viral video, students can be seen engaging with Philips who plays the drum and sings as students are seen singing along, laughing and seemingly mocking the man. The interpretation of the video as being a scene of white MAGA youths ridiculing and mocking a Native American elder segued into another interpretation when, as was published by Heavy, a fuller picture emerged of the teens first interacting with the Black Hebrew Israelites, who shouted epithets at the teens, who soon responded with a chant of their own: their a school fight song.

Phillips, who was with other Native Americans at the Lincoln Memorial as part of the Indigenous Peoples’ Day rally, moved toward the teens and soon, was face-to-face with Nicholas Sandmann who says that not only was he not mocking Phillips, he was rather, he said, trying to keep the peace and alleged Phillips had targeted him for a confrontation.

An investigation of the incident is underway by the Catholic Diocese of Covington.

WATCH: Covington Catholic Students Respond For The First Time To Media LiesCovington Catholic High Students respond to the slander, libel, and bigotry they've faced in the last 48 hours for the first time.2019-01-22T00:43:10.000Z

In a video posted by Pearson, Covington students Grant Hillmann and Sam Schroder, who were not at the march, say Covington students and their families lives have been threatened.

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