Ice Tsunami: Photos & Videos Near Lake Erie

ice tsunami

Town of Hamburg Emergency Services Ice tsunami

A strange phenomenon dubbed an “ice tsunami” rose up near Lake Erie on the Niagara River on Sunday. Read on to see photos and videos and learn more.

The tsunami was caused by high winds pushing large chunks of ice over a retaining wall. This prompted evacuations on Sunday in parts of New York, Fox News reported. The Niagara Parks Police shared this video:

Winds in Buffalo reached up to 75 mph, causing damage to trees and power lines on Sunday. On the Hoover Beach area in Hamburg, some residents took part in voluntary evacuations because of the ice tsunami. Ice as high as 25 to 30 feet approached homes, threatening extensive damage.

Here’s one video, shared on YouTube by Superman. This video showed ice crashing over the brick wall at Mather Arch Park in Fort Erie, Superman wrote.

Ice & Nature's Fury – Niagara RiverHigh winds force ice over ice boom then crashes over brick wall at Mathers Arch in Fort Erie On. right near Peace Bridge.. INCREDIBLE…. (For licensing or usage, contact

Cody Law shared these photos from the Niagra River in Fort Erie on Sunday. He wrote: “An incredible sight along the Niagara River in Fort Erie as strong winds from today’s storm have pushed hundreds of chunks of ice on shore over barriers.”

David Piano shared these photos.

The Town of Hamburg Emergency Services shared a dramatic photo showing the need for a voluntary evacuation. The general public was asked to stay away from Hoover Beach on Sunday.

Here’s another video showing the power of the ice tsunami.

Ice Crashes Ashore Right Beside Us On Lake ErieFeb 24th 2019 – Fort Erie, Ontario. Strong winds on Lake Erie create an "Ice Shove" where thousands of pounds of ice get pushed up on shore. We got out of the way just in the nick of time as some of the ice crashed ashore right beside us. © @GeorgeKourounis – Unauthorized use…2019-02-25T01:57:11.000Z

And another video from a different perspective:

High winds causes huge ice shelf, ice floes to shove up and over the retaining wall in Fort ErieOn February 24, 2019 extreme high winds caused not only high water levels and fast moving waters in Fort Erie, Ontario, but massive slabs of ice to shove up over a wall onto shore in huge piles (see timeline below). A whole group of storm chasers were on scene to capture these moments, including Mark…2019-02-25T03:48:55.000Z

The weather system could still cause winds up to 60 mph or higher on Monday, Fox News warned.

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